Guest Blog Posts - Guidelines

  • Check our blog carefully in order to see what we blog about (viewpoints, secret spots, itineraries, adventures, activities, less travelled destinations, yoga, city trips etc.)
  • Write about locations or adventure that you experienced and don't send us generic descriptions
  • We post max 2 guest posts per month, so you may have to wait your turn
  • Provide 3 topics you'd like to write about. We'll pick the most suitable one
  • Make a keyword research first and use it in your blog post as SEO is part of our blog strategy
  • Length of the guest blog post: 400 - 800 words
  • Send us your guest blog post in a Word document (doc file) - no pdf!
  • 3 - 10 photos included (not less than 3, please)
  • Name the photos with the SEO keywords (Name of the blog post + 1 to 2 words about the subject)
  • Photos resized to 800 px (width) x 534 px (height), good quality, impressive photos, no stock images!
  • Send them via WeTransfer, Dropbox or per e-mail
  • Write 3-4 sentences about you, attach a photo of yourself, if possible. 

Looking forward to receiving your interesting blog posts! 


Sonja & Jerry