NEW VIDEO: Our Getaway to Ticino, Switzerland
Check out the video of our getaway in Ticino, Switzerland!

This is a new video about SUP places in Switzerland.

Check out this video about Switzerland with incredible drone footage!

Time to tell you about the best things you can do and see in the canton of Graubünden (Grisons) in Switzerland. Recently, we stumbled upon the Hinterrhein river and the beautiful Suffner lake and therefore we included it right onto this list. Have a look.

Ready to explore Switzerland? Here are the top 10 places to visit in Switzerland. Let's check them out!

Do you SUP (stand-up paddle)? Whether you live in Switzerland or not, we highly recommend to take your paddleboard to these magnificent places in Switzerland! Let's check them out.

Beautiful Day Hikes in Switzerland
Day hikes in Switzerland are simply a MUST DO activity! Especially, when you are travelling to the land of cheese during spring, summer or autumn. In order to choose from one from the most spectacular hikes out there, we prepared a list of our favourites.

Dream Hotel in Ticino, Switzerland - Park Hotel Brenscino in Brissago
We both agreed. Park Hotel Brenscino is a really really cool hotel. Different to many other hotels. So cozy, so homey, so authentic. With friendly staff asking you, if you're okay and if you need something in a genuine way. So refreshing. Here are a few reasons, why this could be (also) your dream hotel in Ticino, Switzerland.

7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Insider Tips
Wondering how to spend 7 days in Switzerland? We made a travel itinerary just for you. In order to cover all the special places, we did a research around this Alpine country. It took as a while... But now, we feel ready to give you the ultimate plan. Your Switzerland plan. It's a great mixture of cities, mountains, lakes, vineyards and adventure. Have a look.

Cross-country Skiing in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
"Where should I go cross-country skiing in Switzerland?" Well, why don't you try Lauterbrunnen? :) It's simply stunning. Get inspired by checking out the photos below!

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