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Hey, do you like hammocking around the world?¬†ūüėĄWe do!¬†Hammocking means¬†traveling, dreaming, relaxing, being on an adventure and simply enjoying the beautiful side of life. Join us and get free tips and cool ideas for a happy & adventurous life!¬†It's nice to have you around!

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What's this Travel Blog all about?

Adventure Travel Blog is an ADVENTURE travel blog for all exciting travellers out there who need some good advice about adventure travel destinations, itineraries and ideas. 

Outdoor Travel

Are you dreaming of a life full of adventurous and outdoor trips where you meet interesting people who inspire you? Well, us to!  

Offbeat Travel

Why not discovering offbeat paths? It's something we thought of it too, so stay tuned while we will explore some hidden gems out there.

Living Abroad

While not on road, the blog will provide you with some living abroad tips. We currently live in Switzerland so make sure to visit our Switzerland travel blog!

Healthy Lifestyle

We try to keep a healthy work and travel-life balance - taking time to relax, meditate, do yoga and to eat healthy. 

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