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MyHammockTime.com is an ADVENTURE travel blog for all exciting travellers out there who need some good advice about adventure travel destinations, itineraries and ideas. 

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Are you dreaming of a life full of adventurous and outdoor trips where you meet interesting people who inspire you? 

 Well, us to!  

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Why not discovering offbeat paths? It's something we thought of it too, so stay tuned while we will explore some hidden gems out there.

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While not on road, the blog will provide you with some living abroad tips.

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We try to keep a healthy work-life balance - taking time to relax, meditate, do yoga and to eat healthy. 

Welcome to our page MyHammockTime.com! My Hammock Time is a period where we travel, dream, socialise, try to stay healthy and simply enjoy the beautiful side of life. Join us. It's nice to have you around!

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Hello visitor! Nice to meet you! I'm Sonja, a part-time traveller, trying to do as many trips as possible beside my regular job. I've visited 48 countries so far, the majority of them with my boyfriend, some alone or with my friends. I believe travelling is the best way of education. Every time I travel, I'm the happiest and calmest person on earth. While travelling, I'm always looking for the most impressive viewpoints and country's natural wonders. My heart beats for offbeat destinations. In 2012, my boyfriend and I changed our lives a bit and moved abroad. In my future blog posts (apart from my travel stories and tips), I will talk a lot about moving abroad motives and first steps towards a life abroad. Want to hear more? Read here. 

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31 December 2016

Happy New Year Wishes from Zadar, Croatia!

27 August 2016

Who knew, Georgia is thaaaat gorgeous ;)

Our video about the unspoiled Faroe Islands is finally finished!! Check it out ;)

30 July 2016

This time we landed in a remote destination, called the Faroe islands - it is cloudy and wet but the nature has its charm :)

27 June 2016

Good to be back home to celebrate Slovenia's 25th birthday ;) @Zelenci

28 May 2016

Celebrating my 30th birthday in Lugano, Switzerland! 

7 May 2016

An epic biking adventure in Spain. More coming soon.

Photo by Domen Bizjak

6 May 2016

Lovely days for exploring the central part of Switzerland. @Niederhorn

28 March 2016

Home sweet home <3 @Strunjan, Slovenia

11 February 2016

I'm in Sri lanka!!! - This time without Jerry though :/ A friend of mine has been surfing already a week here and I wanted to visit her! Now we are doing some daily trips to the neighbouring places! I like it so far, but the humidity is making me tired!

24 January 2016

Can't get enough of this view! Today we went on a picturesque snowshoeing tour in Stoos, Switzerland. More info & pics coming soon. 

4 January 2016

A new year, a new adventure. This time we escaped winter in Europe and headed to Gran Canaria, Spain! ;)

31 December 2015

Happy New Year!!! Wish you lots of love, happiness, joy and health in 2016! Thanks for following myhammocktime.com! :=)

@Lake Jasna, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

28 December 2015

Enjoying some sunny December weather over the clouds - @Velika Planina, Slovenia

19 December 2015

I could imagine living here - @Lugano Lake, Switzerland

15 December 2015

"The mountains are calling and I must go" - John Muir   @Serre Chevalier, France

11 December 2015

Lake Como in Italy was a lovely stop on our way to the French Alps, where we are going to spend a week skiing and having fun!

9 November 2015

Another great day in Italy - Today we were checking out Portovenere. 

24 October 2015

Back in Switzerland. Back in the country of incredible natural wonders. @Engstlensee, Switzerland

20 October 2015

I'm exploring my 46th country - Latvia! My favourite place so far is the Kemeri National Park

13 September 2015

Here is a GoPro Hero4 video about our short adventure trip to Finland! Feel free to share it if you like it! And thanks guys! 

12 September 2015

It's always a pleasure to hike in the Swiss Alps! A blog post about these extraordinary hiking places will follow. 

@Aescher, Switzerland

15 August 2015

Hello from a kayak! We are here in Finland, about half an hour away from Helsinki, enjoying a tranquil kayaking trip in the Finnish archipelago! It's been great so far! 

9 August 2015

Upside down in the mountains @Arosa, Switzerland 

28 May 2015

Sad, sad, sad. This is our last day in South Africa! Tomorrow we are heading back to Europe. But first, let me show you this photo. It was taken after the Canopy tour in the Drakensberg mountains with our tour guides. Such an amazing adventure with lots of good talks about their African life. Well, there were some very touching moments out there too. Ok before I start telling you all, I'll probably save it up for the next blog post. 

Travel to South Africa
South Africa

23 May 2015

I've never had the idea that Swaziland will appear on my travel list and that I'll cruising around the country one day. But it's happening! After a scenic hike in the Malolotja National Park, we went wildlife watching in the Mlilwane Sanctuary. So many WOW moments.

Travel to Swaziland

14 May 2015

Happily arrived to this magical place called Seychelles! It was a 26-hour trip to this dream spot on earth. Now relaxing and sleeping, and after a few days: Island hopping! :-)

Travel to Seychelles

28 April 2015

Greetings from Istanbul, Turkey! This city needs a blog post. Stay tuned!