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What's this Travel Blog all about?

Adventure Travel Blog

MyHammockTime.com is an ADVENTURE travel blog for all exciting travellers out there who need some good advice about adventure travel destinations, itineraries and ideas. 

Outdoor Travel

Are you dreaming of a life full of adventurous and outdoor trips where you meet interesting people who inspire you? 

 Well, us to!  

Offbeat Travel

Why not discovering offbeat paths? It's something we thought of it too, so stay tuned while we will explore some hidden gems out there.

Living Abroad

While not on road, the blog will provide you with some living abroad tips.

Healthy Lifestyle

We try to keep a healthy work-life balance - taking time to relax, meditate, do yoga and to eat healthy. 

Welcome to our page MyHammockTime.com! My Hammock Time is a period where we travel, dream, socialise, try to stay healthy and simply enjoy the beautiful side of life. Join us. It's nice to have you around!

Foreign Languages

Learn Swiss-German and German via Skype - visit www.svicarska-sola.si 

(the way we learned it and managed to find a job in Switzerland)

Who is writing

Hello visitor! Nice to meet you! I'm Sonja, a part-time traveller, trying to do as many trips as possible beside my regular job. I've visited 49 countries so far, the majority of them with my boyfriend, some alone or with my friends. I believe travelling is the best way of education. Every time I travel, I'm the happiest and calmest person on earth. While travelling, I'm always looking for the most impressive viewpoints and country's natural wonders. My heart beats for offbeat destinations. In 2012, my boyfriend and I changed our lives a bit and moved abroad. In my future blog posts (apart from my travel stories and tips), I will talk a lot about moving abroad motives and first steps towards a life abroad. Want to hear more? Read here. 

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27 February 2017

It's hammock time in the Philippines! ;)

10 February 2017

Sipping Porto wine, meeting my Portuguese cousin and filling up on vitamin D! @Porto, Portugal

31 December 2016

Happy New Year Wishes from Zadar, Croatia!

27 August 2016

Who knew, Georgia is thaaaat gorgeous ;)

Our video about the unspoiled Faroe Islands is finally finished!! Check it out ;)

30 July 2016

This time we landed in a remote destination, called the Faroe islands - it is cloudy and wet but the nature has its charm :)