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  • We can promote your hotel / hostel / airline / destination / product etc.
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • We can make drone videos for you
  • Photography
  • Licensing out our photos and videos - buy them here
  • Instagram posts & Taking over an Instagram account
  • Sponsored posts
  • Writing articles + SEO
  • We are open to guest blogging about less-travelled destinations
  • Open for your suggestions...

It is important that the product fits into our framework in order to meet the needs of our readers. And of course, we would like to offer you the most suitable target audience too! 

Our Targret Group

  • couple travels
  • women solo travels
  • offbeat travels
  • eco trips
  • outdoor people
  • adventure people
  • independent travellers
  • potential and existing expats
  • meditators, yogi people
  • people with a healthy lifestyle

Readers Are Interested In

  • independent travels
  • solo travels
  • weekend trips
  • living and working abroad
  • living and working in Switzerland
  • travels in Switzerland
  • travels in Slovenia
  • travel gear
  • adventure and outdoor activities
  • nature
  • yoga, meditation
  • healthy lifestyle


  • more than 45% of blog readers are 25-34 years old
  • approx. 60% of blog readers are female
  • the majority of readers come from Switzerland, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Canada, India and Slovenia

Our Statistics

Monthly: 40,000+ page views and 20,000+ users. Mainly ORGANIC reach! - it's our blog strategy. Social media is not our focus. However, we have over 25,000+ Social media followers - Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. Contact us to receive further blog statistics.

Reise Blogs Awards 2018

Some Collaboration Examples

Guest blog posts

We get a lot of questions about publishing guest blog posts. We pick the most interesting ones.

Occasionally, they are shared in the section "Latest Blog Posts" in the right column of this page & in the newsletter. There are some rules to follow though -> Here are the guidelines.

Please note: English is not our native language - there might be some blog posts on this website which contain some grammar mistakes. However, that doesn't mean we can't offer you a professional and high-quality material. If we collaborate with partners, our promotion material in form of blog posts, articles in magazines etc. is usually double checked by professional linguists. 


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