2 Wochen in Namibia - Deine ultimative Reiseroute
Wenn du eine abenteuerliche Reiseroute für 2 Wochen in Namibia benötigst, dann bist du bei uns an der richtigen Adresse. Es gibt dir die richtige Dosis Natur, Tierwelt, Städte, spannende Aktivitäten und lokale Erfahrungen. Hier ist unsere 2-wöchige Reiseroute in Namibia.

Where to Stay in Namibia? Camping & Lodges
You don't need a luxury hotel in Namibia, as campsites will give you all the coziness, adventure and happiness ;) Usually, the camps & lodges are recommended to be booked in advance. We travelled around in Namibia in October and didn't have much problems with finding a place in the campsites. Without further ado, here are a few camps and lodges we'd highly recommend:

Here's our Namibia Road Trip Video with lots of drone & GoPro footage - enjoy!
2 Weeks in Namibia - Your Ultimate Itinerary
If you need an adventurous travel itinerary for 2 weeks in Namibia, you came to the right place. It will give you the right portion of nature, wildlife, cities, exciting activities and local experiences. Here's our 14-day itinerary in Namibia:

Packing List for Namibia
Do you need a packing list for Namibia? We just came back from this picturesque "moon" and we guarantee you, you will have the time of your life. Namibia with its landscape and wildlife will make your jaw drop. However, it's important to visit the country well-prepared and one of the things you can already do is to take all the necessary things with you. So let's have a look, what you should pack for your trip!