Travel Resources

So how do we provide all the visual material you ask. Apart from the flight tickets and the luggage, we never go on the road without these products below:

Travel Resources

By clicking on the photo, you will get more info about the SLR camera

Nikon D3300 

"In March 2015, Sonja convinced me that our very awesome pictures taken by my trusty low budget smart phone no longer produced pictures worthy of our glorious blog, so we made an investment. Turns out she was right. I hate it when that happens (angry animal sound). Since then, we never leave our home without Nikon D3300. It is a simple SLR camera, suitable for beginners and wannabe photographers. We did a reasonable amount of research before ending up buying this one. Now, we are very satisfied with our choice! The quality of the photos and videos is simply great. Writing blog posts with amazing photos turns out to be way more fun. Who would have thought. In addition and to further rub it in my face for postponing buying an actual camera, our traffic increased tremendously. If you haven't bought your camera yet and you're thinking of doing so, Nikon D3300 is definitely a great choice! Contact us, if you want to hear more. After all, we have made several really brilliant pictures and that makes us experts." - Jerry

Sample Image without any filters:

Travel Resources

By clicking on the photo, you will get more info about the GoPro camera

GoPro HERO4 Black

"Aaaaand it did not end there. Another investment for our future travelling was buying the GoPro HERO4 Black Edition. It was a tough decision since it is pricey and also the question was if we really need the action camera. But a travel blog gets an added value if there are some great travel videos around. Gaining traffic via YouTube, motivates us to keep working on our travel blog. First, we thought of buying the first and cheapest GoPro camera out there but it turned out that the battery cannot be taken out and changed, which might be a problem after some time, when the battery gets old and can no longer provide long(-ish) working hours. What is more, we wanted to have the best video quality out there, that is why we took a bit of a risk and went for the best one. Thanks to it's high-quality and all around awesomeness, we now have the chance to create memorable travel videos! Although it wasn't really cheap, we have so much fun with it now and think that it is worth its money! In addition, we can now make videos, when doing stupid stuff on our mountain bikes, so we can one day show our grandchildren what not to do, while riding a bike. And you can't really put a price tag on that, can you?" - Jerry

                                                                            Sample video:

Other Helpful Travel-Related Stuff

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