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Beautiful Islands to Visit in Europe

There are so many beautiful islands in Europe, and they are all different in vegetation and landscape. Each one is perfect in its way. Here is a list of the islands, we have already visited. Let's have a look.

Best Places to Stay - Our Recommendation

This blog post talks about the best places to stay - our recommendation, which we actually experienced ourselves. During all these years, we have visited a lot of countries and stumbled upon so many beautiful places, that we simply want to share those with you. Here is the list.

Top Winter Destinations in Europe - Unique List

You still wanna travel in winter time? Why not, right? There are some pretty awesome winter destinations in Europe, which we listed here and are worth visiting in the near future. Let's see what we suggest.

The Most Inspiring Places You Should Visit in 2019

In the last couple of years, we travelled to many breathtaking and unforgettable places around the world. I decided to write about it and encourage you to visit some of them in the upcoming year. So, without further ado, check out the most inspiring and spectacular places you should visit in 2019!

10 Astonishing Lakes You Simply Must See in Europe

Eager to know what are the most astonishing lakes in Europe? Everyone who follows us for a while now probably knows how much we adore lakes! We've seen a lot of Europe so far so we came across many astonishing lakes that these countries had to offer. Here is our list of the best lakes in Europe!

Yoga Detox Retreat in the Philippines

"Yoga Detox retreat in the Philippines? Why the hell did you go? :) But hmmm what did you do there?" These are only a few questions we got asked after coming back from our vacation in the Philippines. With the aim to provide some answers on it and the wish to inspire you, we wrote down our thoughts and outlined our experience. 

10 Scenic Hikes around the World

Every time we visit a new travel destination, we usually go for a hike or two. After visiting more than 50 countries, we now made a list of 10 scenic hikes around the world, which we think, are worth your time and perhaps your sweat drops. Ready? Let's have a look: 

10 Adventure Activities around the World

In this blog post we outlined 10 adventure activities around the world, which we experienced in the recent years. Feel free to steal the ideas! Ready? Let's check them out!

Small Towns in Europe You Should Visit

Which small towns in Europe are worth visiting? If you're following us for a longer time now, you've probably noticed that nature and outdoor activities are kind of our thing! However, while exploring beautiful landscapes in all these countries, we also stumbled upon some cute little towns. Now, we listed them here with hope you'll have the chance to visit at least some of them! 

10 Destinations to Escape the Winter in Europe

Do you want to escape the cold and dark winter in Europe? If you're answer is yes, then continue reading.

Best Vacation Spots

What are the best vacation spots out there? If you are dreaming of your next travel escape, you might be interested in our list of Best Vacation Spots worldwide! This includes of course only the destinations we have already been to. Well, who knows, maybe one of these spots will be your next destination!!! :) Wiiiiiii, now let's have a look!!!

My Top Destination for Each Month in 2015

Lost when it comes to the question - where next? Here is my list of top destinations for 2015!

How to Start a Blog?

This is what's new to me - starting a travel blog. In this blog post I'm explaining about my concerns and fears I had before pressing the button "Publish". In addition, I'm explaining, what steps to take to successfully release a blog. Read about it here!

My Best Moments of My Life while Travelling

Choose your next travel adventure by having a look of my travel highlights

7 Lessons You Learn While Living Abroad

Want to move abroad? Here are the important lessons we have learned while our time in Switzerland.

How is Life in Switzerland - Our Experience

Planning to move to Switzerland? Or maybe just wondering how is life in Switzerland? Then click on this link and have a read!

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