Top SUP Places in Switzerland

Do you SUP (stand-up paddle)? Whether you live in Switzerland or not, we highly recommend to take your paddleboard to these magnificent places in Switzerland! Let's check them out.

Top SUP Places in Switzerland

Top SUP Places in Switzerland

Here is the list of top SUP places in Switzerland:

1# Klöntalersee (Klöntal Lake)

One of the top SUP places in Switzerland to paddle around is the picturesque Klöntal lake. Stand-up paddling on this lake with the incredibly beautiful nature around is extraordinary.

Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Klöntalersee
Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Klöntalersee

2# Sihlsee (Sihl Lake)

Einsiedeln has this stunning lake called Sihlsee. In summer it makes a great spot for stand-up paddling. Imagine standing on the paddleboard and having this amazing views of surrounding mountains and villages like you see below.

Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Sihlsee
Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Sihlsee

3# Reuss River

Just recently discovered, there is this beautiful river called Reuss. There are many walking trails and BBQ spots along the river. But more importantly, it is perfect for boating, kayaking and you guessed it - stand-up paddling too! 

Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Reuss River
Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Reuss River

4# Türlersee

A bit less-known lake in Switzerland is the lake that goes by the name Türlersee. Since it is not that popular, it's not as crowded in summer as other lakes might be. If you want some calmness and remoteness, make sure to take your paddleboard to Türlersee.

Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Türlersee
Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Türlersee

5# Walensee

Our favorite lake for stand-up paddling in Switzerland is called Walensee. The landscape around the lake is more than fascinating. Also the color of the lake is extravagant and makes this spot very special. 

Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Walensee
Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Walensee

6# Thun Lake

Why not visiting the Thun Lake and go for a SUP session. Look what it looks like! Amazing, isn't it?

Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Thun Lake
Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Thun Lake

7# Sempach Lake

Also a very good option for a SUP day is the lovely Sempach Lake near Lucerne. 

Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Sempach Lake
Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Sempach Lake

8# Lake Hallwil

Last but not least, Lake Hallwil is a great option for stand up paddling in Switzerland. 

Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Lake Hallwil
Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Lake Hallwil

9# Lake Lauerz

If you don't like crowds and you are looking for a remote place to SUP, lake Lauerz is a great choice! There are even two small islands on the lake and the surroundings with the mountains like Grosser Mythen (see the photo below) makes the lake worth a visit. 

Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Lake Lauerz
Top SUP Places in Switzerland - Lake Lauerz

Watch the video here:

Where do you usually go stand up paddling? Any cool recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • #1

    SHAHAF (Friday, 25 September 2020 15:09)

    Beautiful. i plan to SUP in swiss lakes and rivers in the future. thanks for the great inspiration and ideas!
    Keep it up

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  • #5

    Simona Loew (Thursday, 12 August 2021 06:53)

    Good morning,
    Is SUP allowed on Blausee? I would like to come down there next month and paddle on the lake. Thank you in advance ;)

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