My Favourite Meditation Place in Switzerland

If you had asked me a few years ago if I would spend my time meditating, I'd probably give you a weird look. Today, I find meditating a great way to calm down and to find my inner peace. I don't do it often, mostly when I find places that just scream meditation or if I feel really stressed out. What about you, do you meditate? 

It was a Sunday afternoon when Jerry and I went on a road trip to the stunning lake called Walensee. We took a road ascending to 1500 metres and stopped at a village where all the main hiking trails start. Not knowing what to expect, we decided to take a trail leading to the cliffs. It came out it was the best choice ever! Near to an official viewpoint of the lake we found THE PLACE. And I can tell, there is something about it. It must be the ENERGY and the CALMNESS which makes this place so special. I said to Jerry: "This must be a great place for MEDITATION!". And look, a few seconds after a guy approached us and asked: "Why are you here? How do you know this place? You know, not many people know this spot.. But it's well-known among us meditators!" He walked ahead and started to meditate. 

Meditation place at Walensee
Meditation place at Walensee

I was inspired by his words and started meditating too. At the end, we spent two whole hours sitting there and observing the nature. Since then, we love to return, chill out and even bring a cup of coffee with us. Oh, and this is the place I'm talking about - imagine meditating right on the edge of the rock:

Meditation place at Walensee
Meditation place at Walensee

Believe me, it will be easy to meditate with this view in front of you:

Meditation place at Walensee
Meditation place at Walensee

Where is this meditation place?

It's at Walensee, Switzerland. Drive to Amden and continue the road to the village called Arvenbüel. Park your car and take the 20-minute walk to the viewpoint Chapf. Enjoy the views! When you're ready to meditate, turn right (supposing you're facing the lake) and after 5 minutes of walk along the cliffs, you will recognise the meditation place I'm talking about in this blog post.

The way to the Chapf viewpoint
The way to the Chapf viewpoint
Meditation place at Walensee
Meditation place at Walensee
Meditation place at Walensee
Meditation place at Walensee

I want to add that this place is not only for meditators, of course. Don't get me wrong! I suggest, when visiting Switzerland, this is one of the places, you should consider to explore! The problem is you will not want to leave, so book a half a day for this trip ;) and pssstt... don't tell anyone about this place :P

Soooo, what about you? Do you meditate?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Comments: 18
  • #1

    Rahul (Monday, 15 October 2018 22:05)

    I actually ended up going to this place a week ago on my trip to Switzerland, solely b/c of this post! Thank you for writing about it. There are 3 sort of platforms in that area to the right of the observation deck, and while there I actually saw some couples perched there trying to get some solitude. Maybe the secret is out :) haha. But this place was still absolutely magical as there were virtually no other tourists other than Swiss people coming to the deck. It's unique. And I was able to get some quality meditation. It's not the most spectacular vista you'll get in Switzerland, but the ambience of it all is great. I'll definitely come back. I have two suggestions for your blog post:

    1) Might be good to mention that when you get to the observation deck and go on the trail towards your right towards that spot, there is a fence with a small door leading up to the meditation point, however this is just for animals and it's perfectly okay to lift the door of the fence and go through. We almost didn't go to the point b/c we thought it was private property or something. So just pass through the fence.

    2) Your directions are perfectly spot on. I think it would be just as good if you link the Chapf viewpoint through Google Maps as people can then use the Directions function of Google Maps to figure out what transportation to take from whichever city, as well as what direction to walk to once you actually get to Arvenbuel. Here's the link,9.1632274,14.67z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xdb3c4e2b36abfa96!8m2!3d47.1425222!4d9.1613263

  • #2

    Discover Albania (Monday, 21 October 2019 11:59)

    There are a lot of places where you can stay and relax in Albania, wether if you are alone or accompanied, you can find perfect spots to clear your mind and enjoy the tranquility.

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