THIS is My Travel Bucket List - What's Yours?

I'd like to share my travel bucket list with you - is it maybe similar to yours? :)


Honestly speaking, due to Corona, having a kid and flights not operating as they should, I haven't been travelling much in the last 2 years... and I guess I've been missing it so so much that it made me want to write down the travelling dreams I still have...

My Travel Bucket List

So, let's see what's on my travel bucket list:

- Visiting New York in December and admiring its Christmas decoration

- Staying one night in a cottage somewhere in the woods in Finland or Sweden

- Kayaking around the Swedish Archipelago for a few days and sleeping in a tent on the islands

- Hiking in Greenland

- Strolling along the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

- Spending a night in a treehouse

- Travelling to Jamaica and listening to reggae music

- Watching koalas and kangaroos in Australia

- Wandering around New Zealand

- Observing wildlife in the Galapagos islands

- Having the chance to enter an African school

- Observing gorillas in Rwanda

- Visiting a baby baboon sanctuary in Africa

- Hiking the South African Garden Route

- Exploring Madagascar

- Enjoying the beach in Mozambique

- Spending one night in an eco-lodge in the Costa Rican jungle

- Joining  a coffee farm tour in Costa Rica, Colombia, Rwanda or Ethiopia 

- Hiking along the coast in Hawaii

- getting lost in Tokio, Japan

- Admiring the lights in Shanghai, China

- Taking my kid to Disneyland

- Also one day in Legoland with my kid

- Cross-country skiing in Finland while enjoying a sunrise or sunset moment 

- Volunteering - a project involving wildlife

- Experiencing van life (buying a van?)

- Travelling around the US West coast in entering the national parks

- Travelling to one of the Pacific islands (Tahiti, Bora-Bora...)

- Joining another detox retreat for a week or so

- Horse riding along the coast in Portugal

- Walking the Camino de Santiago path

- Travelling for a longer period (buying a one way ticket) and staying as long as I f****** want :)


Some of the things I was already lucky enough to experience in my life:

- Observing whales on a boat in Canada

- Seeing icebergs in Iceland

- Kayaking in Finland

- Going on a safari in Namibia

- Visiting the Kruger Park in South Africa

- Entering a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia

- Joining a yoga-detox retreat in the Philippines

- Eating fondue in an mountain igloo in Switzerland

- Skydiving in Slovenia

- Paragliding over Lucerne Lake in Switzerland

- Going on a night-snowshoeing tour in Switzerland

- Ziplining in Peru, Slovenia, South Africa

- Driving a quad bike in South Africa

- Climbing to Macchu Picchu in Peru

- Seeing the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia

- Reindeer and husky sledding in Finland

- Visiting the Santa Claus village in the Nordics

- Hunting the Northern Lights in Finland

- Canyoning in Madeira

- Living abroad

- Surfing in Fuerteventura

- Spending the night in the desert in Morocco and Oman

- Watching turtles lay their eggs in Oman

- Enjoying the crystal clear water in the Seychelles

Now it's your turn - what's on your bucket list? :) Let us know in the comments below!