Wonderful Day Trips from Kranj, Slovenia
Kranj is not just a wonderful city, it's also a great base for day trips. Other than the classics, like Bled, Bohinj and Ljubljana, here are some currently less known, but still awesome places that are worthy of a day trip. Most of the places described below can also be a really nice bike trip if you're up for that and if you want to do, what the locals from Kranj do.

17 sehenswerte Orte in Kranj - unsere Heimatstadt in Slowenien
Mit der steigenden Beliebtheit von Orten wie Ljubljana und Bled ist Kranj die perfekte Stadt, um Kultur, Geschichte oder Natur zu geniessen. Man kann auch einfach einen Spaziergang durch das Stadtzentrum von Kranj Stadt machen, ohne dabei von einer Menge an Touristen überwältigt zu werden. Bereits in prähistorischer Zeit war der Standort besiedelt und hat eine lange und bewegte Geschichte. Es ist eine Stadt, wo man preiswert leben kann und sehr günstig gelegen, nur etwa 30 km nordwestlich...

17 Must See Places in Kranj - Our Home Town in Slovenia
With the emergence in popularity of places like Ljubljana and Bled, Kranj is the perfect town to enjoy culture, history, nature or just strolling around a city that was already settled in prehistoric times without the sometimes overwhelming crowds of tourists. It's also cheaper and very conveniently located just around 30 km northwest of Ljubljana and about 25 km southeast of Bled. You can easily reach both Ljubljana and Bled from Kranj by car, train or bus. In case you're flying in or out, the...

Yes, Slovenia has wine regions too - and very nice ones, like Jeruzalem and its surroundings. Jerry and I had the luck to explore it for a few days in April. Here are our impressions.

Have you Heard of Natural Reserve Zelenci in Slovenia
If you haven't heard about Zelenci in Slovenia yet, it's about time! Read more about it in this blog post.

Places to See in Slovenia apart from Bled, Ljubljana etc.
Bled, Ljubljana, Bovec, Piran, the Postojna cave... lovely places. But what else to see when travelling Slovenia for a longer period? Well, don't worry, there are many gems in Slovenia, which are just waiting for you to be explored. Let's have a look!