Time to tell you about the best things you can do and see in the canton of Graubünden (Grisons) in Switzerland. Recently, we stumbled upon the Hinterrhein river and the beautiful Suffner lake and therefore we included it right onto this list. Have a look.

[Guest blogging] The beautiful realms created within the rainforests located throughout the globe are both captivating and wild. Lush green canopies formed from majestic trees shelter some of the most intriguing and wonderful wildlife within their shade. There are many things that make jungles so special. They cover around 6% of the earth’s surface but are home to over half of the world’s plants and animals. This is largely down to their in-built watering systems, which keep the rainforest...

[Guest blogging] Whilst the last few months have meant cancelling holidays plans, an ease in lockdown restrictions means we can start planning a staycation – just in time for summer. If you’re managing your finances or on a tight budget, why not consider a campervan road trip across the UK? There’s no shortage of natural beauty spots, and you’ll get the freedom of camping, with the luxury of a hotel – what’s not to love, after months in lockdown! Here are some of our favourite...

[Guest blogging] Okay, let’s be honest. When visiting Vienna, you have to see the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Belvedere Palace and the Hundertwasser House. But do you have to take a hop-on hop-off bus to check off all main tourist attractions? No, there are better ways to explore the city. I recently discovered Hi,hi Guide, a platform connecting us to locals of Vienna (and 100+ other destinations). They will take you by the hand to show you unique places in the city. It’s 100% private and...

[Gastbeitrag reisetopia] Luxuriös reisen, ohne ein Vermögen auszugeben. Jeder von uns hat sich sicherlich schon einmal durch Hotelwebseiten geklickt und beim Sichten des Preises sofort wieder die Träume von einem Aufenthalt in den schönsten Hotels der Welt verworfen oder auf dem Weg zu seinem Platz im Flieger neidisch die geräumigen Sitze und den Champagner in der First oder Business Class beäugt. Dieser Luxus ist jedoch nicht unerreichbar – auch mit kleinem Budget könnt Ihr Euch...

Ready to explore Switzerland? Here are the top 10 places to visit in Switzerland. Let's check them out!

Do you SUP (stand-up paddle)? Whether you live in Switzerland or not, we highly recommend to take your paddleboard to these magnificent places in Switzerland! Let's check them out.

Earning Money with the Travel Blog | This is How We Do It
Earning money with the travel blog sounds like a dream to you? Well, it was a dream for us to0 and you know what? It became reality! If we managed to do it, so can you! Below, we outlined the ways, which worked for us.

7 Days in Lanzarote - Our Travel Itinerary
You have 7 days to spend in Lanzarote and your looking for a travel itinerary? Congrats, you came to the right web page! We travelled to Lanzarote in December and faced perfect weather for this island trip. Now, that we are back, we outlined our travel itinerary in case you'd need it. Here you go.

Travel Ideas for Pregnant Women - My Trips During Pregnancy
In this blog post, I wanna provide some travel ideas for pregnant women. One of the first thoughts a pregnant travel junkie might have is - can I travel during pregnancy? While the first checks at the doctor will give the answer to that, and if everything seems to be okay with the pregnancy, the second thought might be - what travel destinations are suitable for a pregnant woman? I'll tell you how I felt during the pregnancy from month to month and where did I travel to with my growing belly :)

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