4 Days in The Dolomites with Baby
4 Days in the Dolomites are not enough, of course, but still okay to see some of the most wonderful places in this region. Those who follow us on social media, probably know that we travelled to the Dolomites with a 6-month old baby. The destinations were therefore chosen according to the situation, which means, no big hikes or any adrenaline activities. However, we do try to visit as many places as possible, so have a look at our itinerary. Maybe it helps you with yours!

Just pack your bags, book a hotel in Florence Italy, read about the things you could do while there, and you will be all set to explore Florence – one of the best cities on earth.
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Best Capital Cities in Europe
What are the best capital cities in Europe? Since we've almost been to all countries in Europe, we created a list of our favorite and in our opinion the best capital cities in Europe to visit. Make them the priority! Here you go.

This were our 13 days in Iceland - have a look what places we visited! A blog post is coming soon.

We have visited Iceland with our 4-month old baby. Check out how we're handling the situation.

This is a new video about SUP places in Switzerland.

Check out this video about Switzerland with incredible drone footage!

Time to tell you about the best things you can do and see in the canton of Graubünden (Grisons) in Switzerland. Recently, we stumbled upon the Hinterrhein river and the beautiful Suffner lake and therefore we included it right onto this list. Have a look.

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