Eating Vegan around the World

Are you a vegan and a traveller by heart? Here are some important infos on eating Vegan around the world. Read about it here. 

Bali - Best Destination For Your Body and Soul

How to rejuvenate your body and soul? One of the best ways is to choose a spiritual destination like Bali. Why? Read here.

A Healthy Lifestyle - My Way!

Lately I've been asked what are my healthy habits if I'm in the phase of boosting my immune system. Well, I developed some great rituals that really helped me over time to get my health back! Read more!

Challenge Yourself - 30 Days of Morning Yoga

Working out for a period of 30 days and fighting against my sport laziness is definitely a CHALLENGE for me. See the results of regularly doing yoga here. 

My Favourite Meditation Place in Switzerland

Once you visit the place, you will not want to leave. Why? Let me explain it to you..

It's Smoothie Time!

After many years of making smoothies and juices, I've pointed out my favourite green, red and yellow smoothies. Get the ideas here!

On a Healthy Mission in New York

Is it possible to live healthy in New York? What choices do its inhabitans have if it comes to eating healthy, doing sports and relaxing? Have a look!

The Herbal House, Slovenia

Interested in spending some educational days near the Soca River in Slovenia? Deepen your knowledge about the daily herbal usage by staying at the Herbal House in Plave!