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Lately, people have asked me what are my healthy habits if I'm in the phase of boosting my immune system (so called detox phase). Over the last 2 years, I figured out what helps my body to rejuvenate and I'm very very happy with the results (a smooth skin, better hair, no joint pain, no headaches, higher energy levels and a better sleep - NO JOKE!). See my rituals here and let me know what helps you to stay healthy!

                 My Detox Phase Rituals

Food and Drinks

Before breakfast, I usually drink a glass of warm lemon water. Sometimes I even have a glass water with clay


I have quinoa flocks or gluten-free oatmeal with, for instance, banana, goji berries, blueberries, almonds, hemp seeds and cinnamon. If I have time, I drink a juice or smoothie, usually made of red beet, ginger, spinach, carrots, turmeric and coconut oil

I also drink green, camomile tea or ginger tea.


I have almonds, dried fruits, green smoothies or even sauerkraut with olive oil, hemp oil, apple cider and a mix of seeds. 


Option 1: I have brown rice with brown or orange lentils and broccoli/cauliflower. 

Option 2: I can also have quinoa, amaranth or cuscus with mushrooms and zucchini.

Option 3: Sometimes I eat mashed sweet potatoes 

Option 4: I would have a broccoli-lemon soup/avocado soup/pumpkin soup/quinoa soup/carrot-ginger soup/potato-leek soup or lentil soup

I like to add home-made sauces such as pesto, avocado dip, hummus, mojo or walnut sauce


I have a spinach salad or lamb's lettuce with tomatoes, chicken, fish or tofu

Sometimes I eat a proper meal, similar to my lunch (see above), by e.g. adding rocket salad

Dressing: Olive oil, honey, garlic, turmeric, pepper and dill

I have a tea with ginger, turmeric and cinnamon



Every day, I try to do at least 20 minutes of yoga - afterwards I feel rejuvenated! Usually, I do planks, plow poses, shoulderstand, down dog, headstand etc.


Jerry and I love to spend weekends outdoors. Usually we go hiking which is a great way to get fit and enjoy the nature!



Before I go to bed, I like to stop my numerous thoughts by meditating for 10 minutes. Since this started to become my habit, my sleep got much better!


Another great way of keeping my spirits up is regularly doing what I love the most - travelling around and finding some awe inspiring views! :)

How does your healthy lifestyle look like? Please share it with our audience by leaving a comment below!

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