Eating Vegan Around The World

Eating Vegan Around the World

Health and Veganism

It’s important to get proper amounts of protein and proper physical activity on a vegan diet. Granted, working out and eating right are core tenants of any good health regimen; but when you’re going the vegan route, you’ve got to be especially careful. Your body needs protein, and there are many vegan foods that naturally include them. However, if you’re not careful, you’ll deny your body core needs which can lead to health problems and weakness later on.  


The body needs proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Traditionally, the food groups of the pyramid characterize the majority of these elements. With veganism, you’ve got to get creative with a few of those categories.


This is fine and good in a first-world country, but it’s something which isn’t quite as easy to shop for in differing cultures and economies. Ireland is often considered in the first world, for example; and there are some wonderful places definitely worth visiting in your travels there. But Ireland traditionally doesn’t cater to vegans except in the most metropolitan areas.


Sometimes you’ll be able to piece together healthy meals in your buying choices, sometimes you’ll have to make compromises for the sake of your health. But sometimes the details of your journey can provide you with more options; for example, if you’re staying in one spot for a year or more.

Eating Vegan Around the World
Eating Vegan Around the World


One flavor enhancer that can really make your vegan dishes delectable is Basil - you may even want to look into planting some of your own seeds and culturing your own garden; could help you, this organization: “…consistently ships thousands of seed packets on a weekly basis.” Basil is popular, and often available.


If you can maintain your own garden with locally-successful fruits, roots, and vegetables, you don’t have to shop locally. But will you really be so sedentary in your foreign travels? A better strategy is to eschew limitations based on questionable production practices, and focus on ingredients.


Most wheat products won’t have any animal products in them by intention. In many foreign countries, you’ll have wheat protein included in most products as the gluten-free craze of the USA doesn’t characterize the markets as extensively. Nuts are additionally vegan solutions which include protein and are widely available.


You’ll find fresh produce in developed places, though its quality may waver in less developed countries. Something else you might look into is candy.

Eating Vegan Around the World
Eating Vegan Around the World

Many Candies Don't Include Animal Products

If you are looking for vegan candy options, points out that: “A surprising number of candy brands make vegan…options.” One reason for this is that many candies do not intrinsically require animal products. Certainly some do—milk chocolate includes dairy products. But caramel doesn’t require any animal products, does it?


Now yes, there are likely to be animal byproducts; but if you are being honest, those are in corporately produced vegan foods as well. Bugs and vermin get in the factory works just like gravity pulls things toward its center. You can’t change that with any amount of quality control. So don’t get caught up on that—you’re traveling, after all.


With this in mind, there are a lot of candies that don’t use milk, cream, fat, hormones, or anything of the kind. You’ll want to avoid any chocolates but the dark kind, and vanilla you’ll likely want to find that is synthetically made. Otherwise, vanilla often uses the flavor-enhancer castoreum, which is an element derived from the territorial scent-marking gland of the beaver.


Most candies that are mass-produced have moved beyond traditional animal products anyway. With this kind of candy, your health worries will be with synthetic sugars and chemical products. Still, they won’t involve any animal parts. In a pinch, you can coast off candy until you find nuts, berries, fruits, vegetables, and breads that you trust.

Perhaps Difficult, Not Impossible

Ultimately, you have to remember that your own health is paramount, as is that of any vegans with whom you are traveling. You care about animals. If you let yourself get unhealthy, who will defend them? But for the most part, if you are careful, you will be able to maintain your diet while abroad.

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