7 Days in Switzerland - The Ultimate Travel Itinerary (Insider Tips)

Wondering how to spend 7 days in Switzerland? We made a travel itinerary just for you. In order to cover all the special places, we did a research around this Alpine country. It took as a while... But  now, we feel ready to give you the ultimate plan. Your Switzerland plan. It's a great mixture of cities, mountains, lakes, vineyards and adventure. Have a look.

7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Insider Tips

7 Days in Switzerland

Before listing the travel route for 7 days in Switzerland, we suggest renting your car at rentalcars.com - a provider, we're happy with. The best would be to pick up the car after the sightseeing in Zurich, as driving in this city with all the traffic, trams, crossings and cyclers is quite challenging. Travel to Lucerne by train and pick up your car there. 

Day 1 - Zurich

Your Swiss adventure starts in Zurich (the biggest airport in Switzerland). From the airport take a train to the central station called "Zürich HB". Once in the city, go and visit the Swiss National Museum. If history is not your passion, start the Zurich exploration by walking down the most famous street - Bahnhofstrasse - observe, take a photo... but hmm don't expect too much of shopping as everything is pretty expensive ;) Now, have a coffee at the Jules Verne bar which offers a panoramic view over the city. Afterwards, check out the Zurich lake shore, sit down and have a rest. Hopefully, after the break, you will still have enough of energy to stroll down the Niederdorf street to get a glimpse of the old part of the city. What, you want more? Ok then you might want to soak up a breathtaking view over the city - to do that head up to the Waid viewpoint or the mountain Uetliberg. That's more than enough for day one. (Check out our blog post about Unique Things to Do in Zurich.)


If you decide to sleep over in the city, here are two suggestions of where to stay:

Luxury accommodation: Hotel Schweizerhof Zürich

Budget accommodation: iQ130 Hotel

7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Zurich
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Zurich
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Uetliberg
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Uetliberg
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Waid Viewpoint
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Waid Viewpoint

Zurich to Lucerne by car: 45 min

Zurich to Lucerne by train: 45 min

Day 2 - Lucerne - Pilatus or Rigi

The Lucerne area on day 2 will be a start into the nature scenery of Switzerland. Make sure to explore the city of Lucerne, as it's remarkable too but then plan enough hours for one of these two mountains: Pilatus or Rigi. Take a cable car and immerse the beauty of those views. The cheaper alternative to those two peaks is the awesome mountain called Grosser Mythen. Those who seek adrenaline, why not climbing the mountain in the early morning hours in order to witness the sunrise over the Lake Lucerne? ;) Think about it. 


We'd recommend the following places to stay: 

Luxury accommodation: Cascada Swiss Quality Hotel

Budget accommodation: B&B Bettstatt Neustadt

7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Lucerne Lake
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Lucerne Lake
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Pilatus
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Pilatus

Lucerne to Interlaken by car: 1 h

Lucerne to Interlaken by train: 1 h 50 min

Day 3 - Interlaken - Niederhorn

Just one hour from Lucerne is another nature & adventure hub spot in Switzerland - Interlaken. There are so many things to do and see. Let's say choose one of these options: take a cable car to the mountain Jungfraujoch or the mountain Niederhorn, go paragliding, cycle around the Brienz Lake or simply take a swim in the lake. Not enough to choose from? Check out also the Aare Gorge, Grindelwald area or the Harder Kulm mountain. Hard to decide? Then take Niederhorn, as seen on the photo below ;)


Looking for a place to stay in Interlaken? Choose one of these:

Luxury accommodation: Hotel Bellevue

Budget accommodation: Bed & Bar No.8

7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Interlaken
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Interlaken
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Niederhorn
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Niederhorn

Interlaken to Zermatt by car: 2h 20 min

Interlaken to Zermatt by train: 2 h 15 min

Day 4 - Zermatt

Day 4 will be a jaw-dropping adventure. The scenery in Zermatt with its Matterhorn mountain and the lakes will do its justice, we promise! Since you have 2 days to spend in this region, explore the cute village of Zermatt and then go on this beautiful 5-lakes hike. Head over to this blog post to get all the information needed. We'd wish we had our drone with us the days we were exploring Zermatt.. 


Choose your accommodation out of these two options:

Luxury accommodation: Swiss Alpine Hotel Allalin

Budget accommodation: Zermatt Youth Hostel

7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Zermatt
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Zermatt
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Zermatt
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Zermatt

Wondering what camera we use to make these photos? Here's the link.

Day 5 - Zermatt

There is so much to see around Zermatt, that is why you need a second day in this beautiful area. We recommend to do a hike to the Hörnli hut (Hornlihütte) which passes the beautiful Schwarzsee lake. There are panorama views in all directions. An alternative to that would be the hike to the longest mountain bridge (the hike starts in Täsch) or the Gornegrat hike. Whatever you decide on doing, it will be a lovely day in the nature.

7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Zermatt
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Zermatt

Zermatt to Montreux by car: 1 h 50 min

Zermatt to Montreux by train: 2 h 35 min

Day 6  - The Vineyards of Lavaux

Day 6 will be all about vineyards, oh and maybe wine too ;) Walking along the Geneva lake between the vineyards with a view of the mountains will make it an unforgettable experience. Park you car in the village called St. Saphorin and walk 3 h and 15 min to Lutry. Once finished, take a train back to St. Saphorin. For all details on the walking path, read this blog post. 


Want to sleep over? Go to Montreux and choose one of these two places to stay:

Luxury accommodation: Grand Hotel du Lac

Budget accommodation: Hotel Splendid

7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Lavaux Vineyards
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Lavaux Vineyards

Day 7  - Montreux - Zurich

Spend your last day exploring the corners of Montreux. It's a lovely city with a great jewel: The Chillon Castle. Take a boat to the castle, then walk all the way back to the city center. An alternative to Montreux would be also Vevey. It's a bit smaller but equally beautiful with lots of cafes and restaurants. Don't take too long, as you might need to catch your plane from Zurich. From Montreux to Zurich it will take you 2 h 15 by car or 2 h 40 min by train.

7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Montreux
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Montreux

Montreux to Zurich by car: 2 h 15 min

Montreux to Zurich by train: 2 h 40 min

Frankly speaking, it's hard to squeeze all the amazing places into a travel itinerary of only 7 days. Thinking about not mentioning the Ticino and Graubünden region gives us sleepless nights, but including it would be simply too much of a rush. Even the itinerary we presented above is quite though but still manageable. Just saying, if you're planning to stay more than 7 days, please follow us and stay tuned for a longer travel itinerary. Now go and book that flight ticket to Zurich ;)

7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - A Glimpse of Ticino
7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - A Glimpse of Ticino

Did you like this blog post? If yes, please feel free to share it with people who are looking for an ultimate 7-day itinerary around Switzerland! Thank you very much, Sonja & Jerry

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Are you planning to visit Switzerland? Let us know in the comments below!

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