5 Days in Switzerland - The Ultimate Travel Itinerary (Insider Tips)

Wondering how to spend 5 days in Switzerland? Here's a great travel itinerary for you and your co-traveller. Let's have a look, what sights are on the list.

5 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary

5 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary

Day 1 - Zurich

Once landed in Zurich, take a train to Zurich Main Train Station (Zurich HB). In the city, walk down the Bahnhofstrasse, check out the old city called Niederdorf, ascend to the viewpoint Lindenhof and have a coffee at the panorama bar with the name Jules Verne. More viewpoints? Waid or Uetliberg won't disappoint you!


If you decide to stay in Zurich, here are 2 ideas where to sleep:

Luxury accommodation: Hotel Schweizerhof Zürich

Budget accommodation: iQ130 Hotel

5 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Zurich
5 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Zurich

Zurich to Lucerne by car: 45 min

Zurich to Lucerne by train: 45 min

We suggest renting a car in Lucerne, as driving in Zurich can be sometimes a nightmare :) A good rental car provider, we are usually happy with, is rentalcars.com 

Day 2 - Lucerne - Pilatus or Rigi

Day 2 will be all about nature and beautiful views. Make sure to explore the city of Lucerne, as it's remarkable too but then plan enough hours for one of these two mountains: Pilatus or Rigi. Take the cable car to be quicker at the top :) We guarantee you, the views from there are gorgeous and one of the most beautiful ones you will ever witness! A cheaper alternative and less touristy: Grosser Mythen. 


Some recommended places to stay: 

Luxury accommodation: Cascada Swiss Quality Hotel

Budget accommodation: B&B Bettstatt Neustadt

5 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Lucerne Lake
5 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Lucerne Lake

Lucerne to Interlaken by car: 1 h

Lucerne to Interlaken by train: 1 h 50 min

Day 3 - Interlaken - Niederhorn

One hour drive from Lucerne, there is another beautiful place, where you want to spend your time in Switzerland. It is called Interlaken. This city is an hub for all kind of adventures - cycling, paragliding, canyoning, rafting and more. If you like hiking, it's a perfect place - ascend to Niederhorn or Jungfraujoch. Not a hiker? Just stroll around, go swimming and take some photos. 


Where to stay in Interlaken? Here are 2 options:

Luxury accommodation: Hotel Bellevue

Budget accommodation: Bed & Bar No.8

5 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Niederhorn
5 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Niederhorn

Interlaken to Thun by car: 30 min

Interlaken to Thun by train: 40 min

Day 4 - Thun - Bern

Walk down the streets of Thun, walk along the Aare and then drive to the beautiful Oberhofen castle. In summer, make sure to cool down by jumping into the lake. Our advice: Borrow a SUP and enjoy the time on this beautiful turquoise lake. Once all done and seen, drive to the capital city of Switzerland - Bern.


Where to stay in Bern? Here are some suggestions:

Luxury accommodation: Hotel Schweizerhof Bern & The SPA


Budget accommodation: Bern Backpackers Hotel Glocke


5 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Thun
5 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Thun

Thun to Bern by car: 30 min

Thun to Bern by train: 20 min

Day 5 - Bern - Zurich

The last day approached. Spent half of the day or even the whole day (depends on your flight) in the capital city of Switzerland - Bern. Check out the Federal Palace of Switzerland, Bundesplatz, the Clock Tower (Zytglogge), take a photo of the Bern Minster (cathedral), walk to the Bärengraben and spend some time along the magnificent Aare! If you're visiting Switzerland in summer, make sure to take a plunge into the Aare river at the place called Eichholz. If you're more adventurous, buy a plastic boat and let the stream take you down the river. Don't forget your flight though! Drive back to Zurich early enough, as there might be some traffic jams. 

5 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Bern
5 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Bern

Bern to Zurich by car: 1 h 30 min

Bern to Zurich by train: 1 hour

Wondering what camera we use to make these photos? Here's the link.

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Is Switzerland on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments below!

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