7 Days in Slovenia - Travel Itinerary (Insider Tips)

With this 7-day itinerary in Slovenia you will explore the capital city, a picturesque medieval town, stunning lakes, a turquoise river, a castle, vineyards, caves and the Slovenian coast! Ready? Now have a look and let us know what do you think!

7 Days in Slovenia - Travel Itinerary

Before we start with the travel itinerary - You need a car in Slovenia, it much more convenient, as the public transportation is not very good. Rentalcars.com is a good provider, where you compare different rental car prices. So here is the list, what to do from day 1 to day 7:

Day 1 - Ljubljana

Your first stop should be the capital city of Slovenia, called Ljubljana. A laid-back city with a romantic castle, a beautiful river, cool cafes and tasty food! Wondering what to do in this lovely city? Head to one of our blog posts and read about the cool Things to Do and See in Ljubljana (incl. some awesome stuff like kayaking, cat cafe etc.). Sleep over in Ljubljana.


Luxury accommodation: G Design Hotel or FishSquare

Budget accommodation: Vila Teslova

7 Days in Slovenia - Ljubljana
7 Days in Slovenia - Ljubljana

Ljubljana - Skofja Loka by car: 30 min

Day 2 - Skofja Loka - Lake Bled

On day 2 drive to one of the medieval towns in Slovenia, this could be Skofja Loka, alternatives are Kamnik or Radovljica. Stroll down the town's streets and visit its picturesque castle! Next stop: Lake Bled.

7 Days in Slovenia - Skofja Loka
7 Days in Slovenia - Skofja Loka

Once in Bled, take a walk around the lake, rent a kayak, go stand up paddling and eat a Kremsnita. If you want to shoot the best photo of Lake Bled, ascend to Osojnica (check directions here). Some time left? Visit the beautiful Vintgar gorge in Bled! Sleep over in Bled.


Luxury accommodation: Villa Istra

Budget accommodation: Guesthouse Marko

7 Days in Slovenia - Lake Bled
7 Days in Slovenia - Lake Bled

Skofja Loka - Bled by car: 33 min

Day 3 - Lake Bohinj

It's time to immerse the beauty of the stunning lake Bohinj! Chill out, rent a boat, go paragliding or simply plunge into the water! Our travel tip: Don't miss out the hike to the plateau called Vogar where you can enjoy picturesque views over the lake. If you don't like hiking, simply take the cable car to the Vogel mountain. You will love this viewpoint too! Sleep over in Ribcev Laz - the village close to lake Bohinj or somewhere nearby.


Luxury accommodation: Chalet Zlatorog

Budget accommodation: Turisticna kmetija pri Andreju

7 Days in Slovenia - Vogar
7 Days in Slovenia - Vogar

Lake Bled - Lake Bohinj by car: 27 min

Day 4 - Kranjska Gora - Vrsic - Bovec

Today it will be all about mountains, curvy roads and wow moments! First stop at Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora to enjoy this emerald lake and the surrounding mountains. Afterwards continue the road via the mountain pass called Vrsic. It is quite a drive but you will not be disappointed! Take photos at the top, then drive to your final destination of day 4 - BovecIt is a fun place to be. If there is some energy left, go river rafting, kayaking, enjoy the zipline or just admire the colours of the Soca river. Sleep over in Bovec.


Luxury accommodation: Hotel Boka

Budget accommodation: Hostel Soca Rocks 

7 Days in Slovenia - Kranjska Gora
7 Days in Slovenia - Kranjska Gora

Lake Bohinj - Kranjska Gora by car: 1 h 4 min

Kranjska Gora - Top of Vrsic by car: 23 min

Vrsic - Bovec by car: 50 min

Day 5 - Bovec - Tolmin - Goriska Brda

Start your day early. If you haven't decided for an adventure in Bovec yet, make sure to go for it this morning! ..... And then, once in Tolmin, take some time to relax at this Secret Place

7 Days in Slovenia - Tolmin (Sotocje)
7 Days in Slovenia - Tolmin (Sotocje)

In the afternoon continue the road to the vine region in Slovenia called Goriska Brda! Make sure to heat to the lookout tower in Gonjace and admire the view over the town called Smartno. Sleep over in Smartno, Dobrovo or nearby.


Luxury accommodation: Hotel Gredic

Budget accommodation: Rooms Leban

7 Days in Slovenia - Goriska Brda
7 Days in Slovenia - Goriska Brda

Bovec - Tolmin by car: 39 min

Tolmin - Smartno by car: 42 min

Wondering what camera we use to make these photos? Here's the link.

Day 6 - Piran - Strunjan

Yeeaaahh, today it's sea time! Drive to Piran and breath in the beauty of this beautiful town. Get an ice cream and get some rest. 

7 Days in Slovenia - Piran
7 Days in Slovenia - Piran

You don't need to rest? Ok, so hike to the top of Sv. Kriz (the hike starts in Izola or Strunjan) and enjoy the views over the Strunjan cliffs (in Slovenian: Mesecni zaliv). Sleep over in Piran.


Luxury accommodation: Hotel Piran

 Budget accommodation: Guest House Prima Z 

7 Days in Slovenia - Mesecni zaliv, Strunjan
7 Days in Slovenia - Mesecni zaliv, Strunjan

Smartno - Piran by car: 1 h 30 min

Piran - Strunjan by car: 13 min

Day 7 - Postojnska Jama - Predjama Castle - Ljubljana

It's the last day. Head to the biggest cave in Europe called the Postojna cave and get a glimpse of the Slovenian underground world! Once finished, continue the route to the Predjama castle, built within a cave. Now, it's time to drive back to Ljubljana. Sleep over in Ljubljana or head to your next destination.


Luxury accommodation: G Design Hotel or FishSquare

Budget accommodation: Vila Teslova

7 Days in Slovenia - Predjama Castle
7 Days in Slovenia - Predjama Castle

Piran - Postojna cave by car: 59 min

Postojna cave - Predjama castle by car: 14 min

Predjama castle - Ljubljana airport by car: 1 h 

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To have a better understanding of the route, check out the places you will visit on the map:

You're missing some adventures? Well, click on the video below for inspiration or head to our blog post about Summer Adventure Activities in Slovenia!

These are some cool places to visit when you want to spend 7 days in Slovenia only! But guys, there is so much more! Stay tuned if you want to read about longer itineraries and less touristy places in Slovenia! But first, did you like this blog post? If yes, please share it with your friends and family! Thanks, as always! 

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Have you already been to a 7-day trip to Slovenia? What else did you see which is not on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • #1

    Sheryl (Monday, 14 August 2017 13:02)

    Hi Your info looks fabulous! My husband and I have just decided to go to Slovenia in 2 weeks time, for 2 weeks. There appears to be so much to do and see. We can't decide on our bases, 3 ideally, rather than moving constantly. We like to get a local feel of a place in preference to busy tourist bases. We will have a few days in Ljublana, but any chance you could suggest other areas to stay, Piran and Bovec perhaps? It is difficult to know in regards to getting around the mountains to lakes etc. Also thought if we have spare time may do a day trip into Croatia or even Austria is staying in northwest. Thank you

  • #2

    Sonja (Thursday, 24 August 2017 16:38)

    Hi Sheryl!

    you can choose Ljubljana, Piran and Bovec for the three bases, I think that's a good thing! If you want to "escape" the busy tourist places, I have alternatives for you: Skofja Loka or Kamnik (close to Ljubljana), Izola (close to Piran) and Tolmin/Kobarid (close to Bovec). If you're staying in Piran or Izola, you can do a day-trip to the Istria in Croatia - Novigrad and Rovinj are very nice! If you prefer to go to Austria, Wörthersee is a beautiful lake to visit.

    Hope I could help you a bit, let me know if you need something else.
    Cheers and enjoy the trip!

  • #3

    Rebecca (Friday, 04 May 2018 08:23)


    Me and my boyfriend would really like to use your 7-day itinerary for Slovenia! We have a couple of questions that we hope you can help with:

    1) How much money would you put aside for spending each day?
    2) If, at the end of the 7 days, we wanted to go somewhere pretty to lie in the sun/slob out, is there anywhere you'd recommend in particular?


  • #4

    Sonja (Sunday, 20 May 2018 16:13)

    Hi Rebecca

    Thanks for your comment. Here are my answers:

    1.) Hard to say - it depends on your preferences, lifestyle, activities. But I'd say a lunch in Slovenia costs between 6 - 15 EUR, ca 1.30 EUR per litre for petrol, cappuccino ca. 1.40 EUR in a cafe.. check out this page, it's very useful: https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/country_result.jsp?country=Slovenia

    2.) I'd say the seaside - in Simonov zaliv (bay) in Izola; or Lake Bled / Lake Bohinj.

    Hope you'll have a nice trip! Enjoy!!

  • #5

    Irina (Thursday, 23 May 2019 11:51)

    Hi! This looks really nice itinerary. How much does this package cost?

  • #6

    Larry (Sunday, 11 August 2019 09:39)

    Love your ideas of things to do in Slovenia. I would like to add in Plitvice National Park but it really messes up the rest of the itinerary because we only have seven days. How would you change the seven day itinerary to include Plitvice National Paul? Thank you so much in advance.


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    Visit Albania (Wednesday, 16 October 2019 15:57)

    Very good info and great places to visit. You should consider visiting Albania, a place of many beauties.