One Of The Best Secret Spots In Slovenia

I guess there are many secret spots in Slovenia that are worth visiting but this one is my favourite. Needless to say, it is not really a secret among locals but don't expect it to be a tourist trap or to see more than 5 people hanging out there. The combination of turquoise water, trees, plants, a sandy beach and the view of the mountains is what makes the spot so special! Before telling you where to find it, I'd first like you to know, why I find it so special.

The best secret spot in Slovenia, Sotocje

What is so special about the place?



Fresh air


The best secret spot in Slovenia, Sotocje

What's the best way to enjoy the secret place in Slovenia?

Bring a hammock and read a book

Although I haven't brought my own hammock yet it is something I'm going to do next time I'll be there. I see myself hammocking and reading an awesome book. The tranquility definitely supports that.

The best secret spot in Slovenia, Sotocje

Observe the animals

The last time we visited this amazing place, we were surrounded by various bird species. This docks were running away from the dog which carefully entered the water. Funny moments..

The best secret spot in Slovenia, Sotocje

Do some yoga or meditate

Practising yoga indoor is awesome but finding a quiet place outside with a meditative effect is even better. This place meets all the criteria for a perfect meditative and yoga place. Come and find your inner peace!

The best secret spot in Slovenia, Sotocje


Do you slackline? If yes, this is a great spot to practise your balance with a picturesque background!

The best secret spot in Slovenia, Sotocje

Take a quick swim

Thanks to its clear emerald-water colours, this place is among us locals a great spot for a quick refresh during the summertime! I should mention, the water is not particularly warm, in contrary, expect some glacial temperatures! :=)

The best secret spot in Slovenia, Sotocje

So where is this secret spot in Slovenia?

Sotocje, Tolmin

The secret spot in Slovenia is called Sotocje, near Tolmin. If you are asking yourself, where the heck is Tolmin - it's a a small town in northwestern of Slovenia.

The best secret spot in Slovenia, Sotocje

How to get to the secret spot in Slovenia?

By car

The best way to get to Sotocje is by car. Drive to Tolmin, than head south on Gregorciceva ulica toward Kosovelova ulica. Continue onto Mestni trg and then onto ulica Petra Skalarja. Continue straight onto Dijaska ulica and then turn right to stay on Dijaska ulica. Park your car at Dijaska ulica 18, 5350 Tolmin and take the 5 min walk to Sotocje.

By train

It's not the easiest way to reach the place by train but it is possible though. Coming from Ljubljana, take the train to Most na Soci via Jesenice. From Most na Soci take a taxi to Dijaska ulica 18, Tolmin and walk the 5 min to Sotocje.

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Does your home country also has some secret places everyone should visit? Let me know in the comments below!

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Comments: 14
  • #1

    Monika (Wednesday, 01 April 2015 17:55)

    Awesome! I´m just plotting my upcoming road trip through Slovenia and this place looks wonderful! Honestly, I don´t know how I´ll manage to see it all - so many gorgeous places in your beautiful country :) I´d love to see Ljubljana, Bled and Bohinj and it seems Sotocje will make it to our itinerary, too. Btw, do you have any suggestions for beach spots in Slovenia? I wouldn´t mind if these were secret, too - I don´t like crowded beaches :) Thank you! :)

  • #2

    Sonja (Saturday, 04 April 2015 17:33)

    Hey Monika,

    it's nice to hear you're visiting Slovenia! Sotocje has to be on your bucket list ;)
    Go kayaking or rafting on the Soca river or try the zipline in Bovec!

    Regarding the secret beach spot - I guess Izola will be a good choice. There is this famous beach resp. bay called Simonov zaliv. Don't stop there. When standing there, facing the sea, turn left and walk along the coast until you reach the end of the paved path. Put off your shoes and continue walking. You'll have to climb some stones until you reach some white stoned beaches. Enjoy!
    If you prefer sand beaches, Portoroz will be the best place to go. But it can get pretty crowded.

    Stay tuned, more posts about Slovenia will follow!

  • #3

    Monika (Sunday, 05 April 2015 08:44)

    Thank you very much, Sonja! These are some really great tips! I can´t wait to get to Slovenia :)

  • #4

    Andrea (Friday, 05 June 2015 12:12)

    Slovenia is so incredible. I'm lucky to have been a few times and will be returning again soon. Look at that water. So stunning!

  • #5

    Sonja (Saturday, 06 June 2015 12:21)

    That's nice to hear, Andrea. If you like nature, outdoor activities, it's definitely the place to go!

  • #6

    Patrick (Thursday, 02 July 2015 09:18)

    hey.. i'm living here :)

    to come, you can also use carsharing :
    or a FB group : (means :" i'm looking for a drive to/from Posočje" )

  • #7

    Sonja (Thursday, 02 July 2015 09:22)

    Lucky u! Indeed, it is a nice place to live :)

    and there you go..I totally forgot to mention the option with carsharing! Thanks a lot for writing this! My readers will definitely appreciate it!

  • #8

    Nigel William (Friday, 03 November 2017 18:45)

    Hi, Sonja! Yet another great article that I really enjoyed reading! This place looks amazing and mystical like you said yourself. You really brought that magic with these beautiful photos. I was wondering, what do you think is the best time of year to visit this place?

  • #9

    Sonja (Sunday, 05 November 2017 12:36)

    Hi Nigel!

    Thank you very much! The best time to visit this place would be summer. Go for it! ;)

  • #10

    Ruth (Sunday, 08 July 2018 14:37)

    This place really isn't much of a secret seeing as there are 4-5 major festivals held in the spot every year :)

  • #11

    Brad Hoggs (Tuesday, 17 July 2018 08:37)

    Really interesting article. I find your articles really informative and mesmerizing at the same time. Slovenia looks like a really nice country to visit. I use this amazing website to find the best deals on travel plans and tickets. Log on to to know more and save up to 70% on your next booking.

  • #12

    Floor (Sunday, 19 May 2019 18:16)

    So Nice to read about Slovenië! We are probably going there for the time this summier :)
    Do you have Andy recommendations about Nice quite nature campings???

  • #13

    Albanian Valleys (Monday, 21 October 2019 11:53)

    The valley of Valbona is one of the most beautiful out there. The nature and the panoramic view capture the interest of every tourist that walks through this beautiful place.

  • #14

    Nika Stadnik (Tuesday, 24 December 2019 14:46)

    Incredibly beautiful photos. I fell in love with this place. I love Slovenia. It has a lot of chic places to relax. Thanks for sharing!