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Top 6 Winter Activities in Slovenia
Are you just waiting that the winter goes away so you can finally go hiking, travelling or just exploring some new corners? Why, the hell?! :) There is so much to do in winter too! Why not visiting Slovenia? Here are the top 6 winter activities in Slovenia!

7 Tage in Slowenien - Reiseplan
Mit dieser 7-tägigen Reise in Slowenien erkundest du die Hauptstadt, eine malerische mittelalterliche Stadt, atemberaubende Seen, einen türkisfarbenen Fluss, eine Burg, Weinberge, Grotten und die slowenische Küste! Bereit? Jetzt siehe selbst und lass uns wissen was du denkst!

The Best Viewpoints in Slovenia
You want to see Slovenia from above? No problem, with some sweat drops you can see this European gem from the bird's perspective. Oh man, birds are lucky, right? Here are the best viewpoints in Slovenia!

Best Views over Lake Bohinj, Slovenia
Do you need to know where are the best views over Lake Bohinj? Look no further! We discovered it for you. Please find below some information on this viewpoint.

With this 7-day itinerary in Slovenia you will explore the capital city, a picturesque medieval town, stunning lakes, a turquoise river, a castle, vineyards, caves and the Slovenian coast! Ready? Now have a look and let us know what do you think!