Why Choose Tuscany and Tuscanynowandmore.com

Cradle of the Italian language but not only, Tuscany is a particularly rich region, where art, culture, gastronomy, and nature come together in a unique combination. You may wonder why you should choose Tuscany, with the help of Tuscanynowandmore.com, for your next vacation. There are actually so many reasons… but we will try to summarize the most important ones here.

Why choose Tuscany and Tuscanynowandmore.com
Why choose Tuscany and Tuscanynowandmore.com

1. The cities

Since 1982, UNESCO has included seven cities in Tuscany in the list of sites belonging to the World Heritage:

  • Florence, the Cradle of the Renaissance,
  • Pisa, with its Piazza dei Miracoli,
  • The medieval towers of San Gimignano,
  • Siena, famous for the Palio,
  • The Medici villas and their gardens,
  • Pienza, a small and splendid city,
  • The whole Val D'Orcia which also houses Montalcino and its renowned vineyards.

Without taking anything away from the other Tuscan cities, Florence alone is worth the trip. Whether your tour is meticulously organized or you just stroll aimlessly through the streets, Florence will be able to charm in every corner. You can fill your eyes with art and culture, immerse yourself in history, or spoil yourself in the most prestigious shops. Florence, and all other cities of Tuscany, can offer everything you are searching for. For this reason not only Italians, but even foreigners, have made this region their favourite place, also with the help of Tuscanynowandmore.com.


2. The Tuscan countryside

Luxuriant, variegated, evocative. The Tuscan countryside is simply something magic, in every season. The best known areas are the Crete Senesi and the Val d'Orcia or the Chianti lands. A thousand shades of green and brown, which change with the seasons, fields as far as the eye can see, the evergreen of olive trees, and the magnificent golden yellow of wheat dotted with poppies. Here, you will always find cypress trees, which in ancient times were used to indicate the boundary of various properties. Little known but equally splendid is the Garfagnana countryside, the forests of the Casentino, dotted with monasteries and castles, and the less famous Pisan hills with their olive trees that give excellent products.


3. The coasts and the sea

Tuscany boasts around 400 km of coastline and an archipelago composed of 7 important islands. Whether you want to relax under the sun, try a variety of water sports, or simply stroll at sunset watching the sun disappear into the sea, Tuscany is the place for you. Very suitable for families, Tuscany has many places with very fine sand and very low sea level. And if you love wild beaches where to stay isolated? Don't worry, in Tuscany many shores are still inaccessible to most people: Dunes and wild vegetation, no kiosks nearby, only sea and seagulls. And for a holiday full of sun and sea, embark and discover the islands of the Tuscan archipelago: Elba, Giglio, Pianosa, Capraia, or Montecristo, everyone is a gem with waters so turquoise that you will think you are in the Caribbean.


4. History and art

Taking a vacation in Tuscany means taking a trip back in time. From the Etruscans to the Romans, from the Middle Age to the Renaissance, your itinerary will inevitably go through various historical periods. Each hill has its medieval village with its castle or fortress, churches, and bell towers. Moreover, Tuscany is the homeland of many world-famous artists: Dante, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Giacomo Puccini, Galileo Galilei… just to name a few.


5. Food & Wine

For the Tuscans, eating is not only a simple action for survival, the food in Tuscany is a real art. Eating in Tuscany is a pleasure for the eyes first and then for the palate. Each meal is considered a moment of conviviality, the moment in which all the emotions of the day are brought together and enhanced with aromas and flavours. Attention to local products, seasonality, and tradition make Tuscan cuisine a masterpiece of taste. Each location has its own typical recipe and depending on where you are staying, you definitely need to try the local food and plates. And do not forget about wine! Wine is one of the excellences of this land: Chianti, Bolgheri, the reds of Montalcino, Vernaccia, etc... the list has no end and there is something for all palates and for all budgets.


After your vacation in Tuscany with the help of Tuscanynowandmore.com, you will return home with a bag full of positive experiences and the desire to tell your friends everything you have seen.

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