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Food Tour in Zurich
I always wanted to do a cool food tour in Zurich. Living here for 5 years, we know, it has a wealth of great and unique restaurants and bars to offer. And then one day, booom, we got a kind invitation from the Zurich tourism board. What a coincidence! So, woohoo, we thought (what else) and made our stomach ready for a nom nom trip through the western part of these Swiss city.

Unique & Cool things to Do in Zurich
If you are longing for an awesome trip to the largest city in Switzerland, here are some cool things to do in Zurich! But first, we have a confession to make. It took us quite some time to realise what the city, we now live in, has to offer! However, during last summer we did quite a research and came up with this list:

Daytrips from Zurich - Switzerland Travel Blog
Day trips from Zurich are a MUST DO when in Switzerland! Make sure to visit some stunning lakes and some cute historical towns nearby! Have a look!