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7 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary - Insider Tips
Wondering how to spend 7 days in Switzerland? We made a travel itinerary just for you. In order to cover all the special places, we did a research around this Alpine country. It took as a while... But now, we feel ready to give you the ultimate plan. Your Switzerland plan. It's a great mixture of cities, mountains, lakes, vineyards and adventure. Have a look.

5 Days in Switzerland - Travel Itinerary
Wondering how to spend 5 days in Switzerland? Here's a great travel itinerary for you and your co-traveller. Let's have a look, what sights are on the list.

São Miguel, Azores - 7-Day Itinerary
The Azores❤️. What a beautiful spot on earth! Have you visited these Portuguese islands in Europe yet? If your answer is "No, but I'd love to go" or "No, but Sonja and Jerry, I just bought the flight ticket, aaaaaa!", then we might have something that will help you plan your trip: ta-ta it's your Sao Miguel 7-day itinerary.

From Tromso to the Lofoten Islands
Are you planning a 7-day trip from Tromsø to the Lofoten islands? Do you need a travel itinerary? If yes is your answer, then you landed on the right website :) In the blog post below we outlined our 7-day trip around this scenic region and gave you some ideas what places are worth a visit.

2 Weeks Itinerary Palawan - The Philippines
Last year in February, we immersed ourselves in the Philippines beauty (a paradise!!). To encourage you to go on a trip like this we thought why not outlining our 2 weeks itinerary to the Palawan island and hope, you guys will book this destination right away! :) Let's have a look what we've done: