Pierre Loti - Turkish Coffee with Spectacular Views

Are you looking for a place in Istanbul where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city, sip a great Turkish coffee and enjoy wonderful views? Well, there is a beautiful spot, which I'd like to share with you! 

Sit down in the cafeteria

This amazing place is called Pierre Loti, named after a French novelist, who was walking around the city in 1876 in order to find inspiration for his autobiography Aziyade. Pierre Loti is a friendly cafeteria with a huge terrace. It offers great Turkish coffee, different kind of teas and basic snacks. The best thing about it are the spectacular panoramic views over the famous Golden Horn in Istanbul. You haven't been to Istanbul yet? I wrote a blog post of why the city needs your attention. 

Enjoy the views

This views are enchanting - they give you the chance to see Istanbul from another angle. I wished I had some sunshine on the day I was walking around Istanbul - unfortunately, the photos can't really mirror the way it really was standing there and soaking up the view. 

Take a walk up the hill

After you sip in the Turkish coffee, it's time to go for a stroll up the hill. On your way up, you will see a cemetery as well as a nice park. There are even some stalls with souvenirs. It's cool to explore the cute corners on the hill.

When down, stroll along the river

Herewith, I want to mention that not only Pierre Loti is a superb place to visit, also the Eyüp district itself is a charming spot to hang around. Stroll along the river, sit on one of the benches in the park and observe the city vibe from the distance.

How to get to Pierre Loti

Of course, you want to know how to get to Pierre Loti. Accessing Pierre Loti is quite easy - you can take a taxi (probably the easiest thing to do), go by bus (lines 39, 99A and 55T) or take a ferry at Emoninu (check out the ferry schedule: http://www.ido.com.tr/en). When arrived, you have the chance to take the cable car Teleferik (the price is 3 TL - the same as bus or metro) or walk up.

Escaping the crowds in the busy city center and taking a taxi to this charming place - Pierre Loti - was the best move I did while wandering alone around the city (my friend left the city one day before). It was important for me to know that there are still some chill out places in Istanbul where you can enjoy the quietness. Istanbul really surprised me in a positive way! 

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Have you been to Pierre Loti? Which cafeteria or restaurant is your favourite in Istanbul? What's your favourite place to enjoy great views in Istanbul? Feel free to write any comments below! 

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