Top Panoramic Views in Switzerland - Which Mountain Top Not to Miss

There are two things that make us speechless when discovering the country of cheese hihi - the numerous lakes and the spectacular viewpoints. As we wrote about the beautiful lakes for so many times now, it is time to reveal where to enjoy top panoramic views in Switzerland!

Top Panoramic Views in Switzerland

Best Views in Switzerland

Best Views at Grosser Mythen, Lucerne

This one is extraordinary. Once reaching the top of the mountain called Grosser Mythen, you will be awarded with one of the best viewpoints you will ever experience. No joke! You have a view in all directions and as far as we remember, it is possible to spot 7 lakes from the top. Amazing! Very recommendable is to climb the mountain in the early morning hours to experience the sunrise.

Panoramic views in Switzerland - Grosser Mythen
Panoramic views in Switzerland - Grosser Mythen

Best Views at Monte Bre, Lugano

Another magnificent view can be enjoyed in the Italian part of Switzerland - more specific, at Montre Bre in Lugano! Our hike started in Gandria (a village, only 15 min drive from Lugano) and it took us about 1 h and 30 minutes to reach the top. With its panoramic view over the Lugano lake, this place is jaw-dropping, indeed! As for many Swiss mountains, there is a chance to take the cable car from the centre of Lugano - see the details here.

Top Panoramic Views in Switzerland - Monte Bre, Lugano
Top Panoramic Views in Switzerland - Monte Bre, Lugano

Best Views at Stoos, Lucerne

Not to be missed is the viewpoint called Stoos! The views over the Lucerne lake are magnificent, something we won't forget for a lifetime. To make the trip even more exciting, consider going on a snowshoeing trip with the aim to reach the top of the mountain. Read about our adventure here. 

Top Panoramic Views in Switzerland - Stoos
Top Panoramic Views in Switzerland - Stoos

Best Views at Uetliberg, Zurich

If flying into Zurich, don't skip the half-day trip to Uetliberg! There might be a good chance that Uetliberg is above the clouds if you you walk down the streets in a foggy Zurich. However, by clear skies, the views over Zurich and the Zurich lake from Uetliberg are breathtaking! You might want to check out the webcam before you go!

Top Panoramic Views in Switzerland - Uetliberg

Best Views at Pilatus, Lucerne

Probably one of the most famous but nothing less stunning viewpoints in Switzerland is at Pilatus. We promise, this is a place you will never forget! You can reach the top easily by taking the cable car but be prepared to pay a high price. Check the prices and timetable here. 

Top Panoramic Views in Switzerland - Pilatus
Top Panoramic Views in Switzerland - Pilatus

Best Views at Gurten, Bern

If wandering around the historical town Bern, make sure to ascend to the nearby mountain called Gurten. It provides nice panoramic views over the city and the surrounding hills. There is a restaurant at the top, offering delicious traditional Rösti (a typical Swiss food, made out of potatoes). Make sure you give it a try! In order to reach the top, we recommend to go for the short and quite easy walk. Another option is of course to take the funicular. 

Panoramic views in Switzerland - Gurten, Berne
Panoramic views in Switzerland - Gurten, Berne

Best Views at Niederhorn, Thun

Top panoramic views can be savoured from the mountain Niederhorn. Make sure to visit this viewpoint when spending time along the beautiful Thun lake. If opting for the cable car ride, drive to the place called Beatenbucht and pay the 38 CHF to reach the top. More info can be obtained from this website.

Panoramic views in Switzerland - Niederhorn
Panoramic views in Switzerland - Niederhorn

Wondering what camera we use to make these photos? Here's the link.

Best Views at Conn, Chur

The ones who read the blog post about the beautiful lakes in Switzerland, were informed you about the stunning Cauma lake. Well, just a 20 minutes walk from the lake, there is a wonderful viewpoint called Conn. 

Panoramic views in Switzerland - Conn
Panoramic views in Switzerland - Conn

Best Views at Stockhorn, Thun

Stockhorn offers spectacular views over the lake Thun. We took the cable car for the price of 35 CHF but then walked down. It took us about 1 hour. A trip worth taking!

Panoramic views in Switzerland - Stockhorn
Panoramic views in Switzerland - Stockhorn

Best Views at Rigi

Another great viewpoint to admire the Lake Lucerne is at Rigi - the 1797 metres high mountain in the heart of Switzerland. It is a very popular tourist destination in the country but with thousands of hiking trails, you can still escape the crowds and enjoy this beautiful view!

Top Panoramic Views in Switzerland - Rigi
Top Panoramic Views in Switzerland - Rigi

Well, we are sure there are many viewpoints out there which are not listed in our blog post (yet). Especially the ones from the region Valais (Southern Switzerland) are missing, but most likely this region will be explored next summer. Looking forward to it! :)

Have you been to some of these places above? Let us know in the comments below!

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