Escape the Crowds - Go Off the Beaten Path

Fuck the crowds, right? :) Let's discover those countries with less popularity. Usually, this move turns out pretty rewarding as one doesn't need to deal with overrated prices, scams, long queues, bad quality of service, and so on.. I guess you experienced that already unless you are living in a bubble...? ;) Ok, so please find below a list of travel destinations we flew to and which fit into the off the beaten path section.

Less Travelled Countries - Go Off The Beaten Path

Less Travelled Destinations


Let's start with one of our favourite remote countries out there - Swaziland. Huh? Why should I go to Swaziland? Well, there are a bunch of reasons for that. First of all, it has a stunning landscape. Second, the landscape is stunning and third, you will be stunned by the landscape. I guess, you got it. It's a perfect country for outdoor people, looking for remoteness, wilderness, several hiking paths.. It's one of those countries, we dream of going back to. Check out our blog post about our time in Swaziland.

Less travelled countries - Off the Beaten Path - Swaziland
Less travelled countries - Off the Beaten Path - Swaziland


If Latvia is on someone's bucket list, then it's usually the capital city that wants to be visited - and it goes by the name Riga. But please go beyond that and make that 1 or 2 hour old fashioned train ride and check out the beach and quirky houses in Jurmala. Then make sure to head to the impressive Kemeri national park. A country with many gems that is just waiting for you.

Less travelled countries - Off the Beaten Path - Latvia
Less travelled countries - Off the Beaten Path - Latvia


Of course, it is not possible to ignore our home country when talking about the off paths. Slovenia is a lovely destination for any kind of outdoor adventures. If lakes are your passion, then make sure to visit Lake Bled and Bohinj for swimming, kayaking, boating, cycling etc. For the scenery itself, we recommend the beautiful natural reservoir called Zelenci - as pictured below. The hiking type of person would find the joy mainly in the northwestern part of Slovenia - there are mountains to climb such as Grintovec, Triglav, Storzic.. and let's not forget the sea side with the lovely Mediterranean towns - Piran and Izola. Head to the Slovenia Travel Blog to find out more. 

Less travelled countries - Off the Beaten Path - Slovenia
Less travelled countries - Off the Beaten Path - Slovenia


Georgia is georgious (I know I know, it's gorgeous - freaking grammar dudes!). This less travelled destination is worth to visit if you are looking for an affordable vacation. It leaves you speechless because of its landscape diversity and delicious food. The capital city - Tbilisi - is a developed young city with so many activities to do. Check it out here. Make sure to visit this country soon, as it's getting more favourable among travellers. 

Less travelled countries - Off the Beaten Path - Georgia
Less travelled countries - Off the Beaten Path - Georgia


I guess the majority of travellers like to put Norway and Sweden first when thinking of Scandinavia travel. Well, we encourage you to think of Finland - a less travelled country in the northern part of Europe. It is a tremendously gorgeous country with all its 168,000 lakes, lush pine trees, romantic sunsets, impressive Northern lights and very friendly locals. What about a kayaking trip just 1 hour from Helsinki? Or a winter escape to Rovaniemi for dog sledding adventures? Really mate, put this less visited country high on your bucket list.

Less travelled countries - Off the Beaten Path - Finland
Less travelled countries - Off the Beaten Path - Finland

The Faroe Islands

A destination less travelled? The Faroe Islands for sure. Well, weather is not their strength.. But it's the other things that make this island special - the unique shaped mountains, the Faroese culture, the density of sheep, the mistiness, delicious sea food... Give it a try! Wondering what it worth to see in the Faroe Islands? Read about it here.

Less travelled countries - Off the Beaten Path - The Faroe Islands
Less travelled countries - Off the Beaten Path - The Faroe Islands

The Azores

And here they are - the Azores. A travel destination which remains undiscovered by the majority of tourists. What a beauty! These volcano islands are special due to its diverse flora and fauna, its delicious food (mainly fish) and friendly locals. The best time to visit the islands is during the summer - June, July or August. What is more, it offers dolphin and whale watching and many other adventurous activities such as paragliding, hiking, kayaking and canyoning. Make sure to put this off the beaten destination on your bucket list! Read more about it here!

Less travelled destinations - the Azores
Less travelled destinations - the Azores


There is a hidden paradise in Central America which goes by the name Belize. It definitely belongs to those off the beaten path countries with many diverse things to do - it has the Caribbean touch with nice sand beaches and palm trees. But then you have some beautiful hiking possibilities in one of the many national parks. It has an astonishing underground scenery - check out the 7 most beautiful caves that can be found in Belize. To top that, if offers some cool adventure activities too like zipline, cave tubbing, diving.. Simply an amazing destination for an unforgettable vacation!

Less travelled countries - Off the Beaten Path - Belize
Less travelled countries - Off the Beaten Path - Belize

Puerto Rico

It's hard to believe that Puerto Rico belongs in the section of a less travelled destination. Well, maybe not really among Americans but it is for sure an off the beaten path for many Europeans and Asians. The island which is basically an US territory and therefore not its own country offers untouched but pretty beaches, tasty food, amazing coffee, a jungle adventure, ziplining and good parties! Go and see it yourself!

Less travelled destinations - Puerto Rico
Less travelled destinations - Puerto Rico

That's it! Now let us travel to Greenland, Bulgaria, Moldavia and all the central Asian countries to continue discovering the less travelled gems. What about you, are you into that? :)

What are your favourite off the beaten path destinations? Let us know in the comment section below!

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