Life Lessons From Travel - 8 Travel Bloggers Share Their Knowledge

What does travelling teach us? What are the life lessons we've learned so far from travelling the world? Well, we asked other travel bloggers and we got some very inspiring answers and beautiful stories! 💕 Thank you all for sharing your knowledge with us! 😊

Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Travel Bloggers Share Their Knowledge

Life Lessons Learned from Travel

1# Thailand | Wandering Carol

"The country that taught me the most is Thailand, " says Carol. 


"I learned that other people do not have the same privileges and luxuries we take for granted here in North America. Of course, I knew that already, but the warmth of some of the people I met there who were living in less than palatable circumstances made me rethink my life and the indulgences I take for granted (Except for the tuk tuk driver who tried to rip me off. I learned a valuable lesson there, too!)."


"Honestly, it sounds weird but it was meeting bar girls and prostitutes. I'd decided I wanted to write a thriller with a Thai bar girl in it so I started interviewing a few. (And let me tell you, it wasn't easy walking into bars on Patpong Road in Bangkok as a single woman.) I also ended up making friends with a couple of wonderful local women in the islands who happened to work in bars and, due to circumstances, were working as prostitutes. I learned that there are so many young women who are living this lifestyle in order to support their families back home. As one woman named Noi told me. "I work here so my little sisters don't have to." And somehow through it all she maintained such a bright personality and a terrific attitude towards life. I would never ever judge a person by what they do after meeting these women. I am also so much more aware of human trafficking and exploitation around the glob. And by the way, I'm still working on that thriller."


"On another note, Thailand inspires me because of it's stunning natural scenery, rich cultural heritage, divine resorts and great food."


Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Thailand
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Thailand
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Blogger from Wandering Carol
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Blogger from Wandering Carol

My name is Carol Perehudoff and I'm a luxury travel blogger and influencer (why does that word make me cringe?) based in Toronto, Canada. I've written for a number of newspapers and magazines such as the Toronto Star (where I had a travel column), the Chicago Tribune and the San Francisco Chronicle. 


Check out her website and follow Wandering Carol

 via FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest

2# Kenya | Mapping Megan

"The country that taught me the most is Kenya, " says Megan.


"In 2010, I traveled to Kenya as part of a multinational camp. We were split up into smaller camps of 50 for two weeks. During the day we would complete volunteer projects like building bus stations and visiting local schools, and each evening we were given raw food and told to figure out dinner as a group."


"This was more of a challenge than you might think, and on that first night we all went hungry. With 50 different nationalities, cultures clashed, there were language barriers, and immense hunger made our tempers run high. Opinions varied on how we should cook, we had different standards of hygiene and sanitation, and ingredients that those from Western nations considered waste (like bones), kept getting thrown back into the pots. It was an absolute mess, and everyone stormed off without eating and went back to their tents."


"Though frustrating, it only took a day to realize that we needed to work together and communicate properly if we wanted to eat. And as we began to work together, it wasn’t long before dinner became a really enjoyable time. A time for chatting, laughter, dancing, and enjoying samples of cuisine from all over the globe."


"I learned that diversity is a beautiful thing, and that day taught me I wasn’t alone. There was a huge world that existed beyond my bubble, full of different people, different cultures, different ways of life, and I was suddenly itching to explore them all."


Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Kenya
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Kenya
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Blogger from Mapping Megan
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Blogger from Mapping Megan

I am an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. My husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; a website dedicated to opening your eyes to the wild & natural world.

We are committed to adventure, discovery, cultural immersion, and chronically our travels so that you can achieve the same journeys too!



Check our her website and follow Mapping Megan

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3# Colombia | Emily Luxton Travels

"The country that taught me the most is Colombia," says Emily.


"I learned that stereotypes and expectations are all too often wrong when it comes to travel. Before I went, everyone told me how dangerous Colombia was. All anyone could talk about were drug dealers and kidnappings, and there were lots of jokes about me not coming back. And to tell the truth, despite what I told people I was actually pretty scared to go there." 


"But when I was there I discovered that there's so much more to this country than Narcos! It's a beautiful place full of friendly, happy, welcoming people and while there are dangerous places (like most countries in the world), on the whole no one wishes you anything but good." 

Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Colombia
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Colombia
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Blogger from Emily Luxton Travels
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Blogger from Emily Luxton Travels

I am Emily Luxton, a travel blogger from the UK focusing on food, fun, and adventure. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram at @em_luxton, or on And of course, on my blog, Emily Luxton Travels -


Check out her website and follow Emily Luxton Travels

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4# The Philippines | Travelling Weasels

"The country that taught us the most are the Philippines," say Laura and Tanbay. 


"We learned to appreciate what we have and saw that although many people are very financially poor there, they are rich with happiness, family and kindness. It was very humbling."


Life Lessons Learned from Travel - The Philippines
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - The Philippines
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Bloggers from Traveling Weasels
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Bloggers from Traveling Weasels

We are Laura and Tanbay from the UK and Germany. We have been travelling the world together full-time since we 'weaselled' our way out of the rat-race in 2013.



Check out their website and follow Traveling Weasels

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5# India | An Adventurous World

"The country that taught me the most is India, " says Macca.


"India was the first country I went to on my round the world trip, and I spent six months completely immersing myself in the culture and the society. India can be a hard place at times - it took me about two weeks to settle into things there - but after that point I just loved everything about the country. The people are so kind - huge parts of the country live in poverty, yet even the poorest soul will still go out of their way to help you out. There's not many places around the world where that happens, yet India is one of them. If anyone wants to learn about mankind's capacity to live together and to love, go to India." 

Life Lessons Learned from Travel - India
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - India
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Blogger from An Adventurous World
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Blogger from An Adventurous World

An Adventurous World is a top UK travel blog capturing the world one destination at a time. Be inspired to travel so make sure you follow me on my adventures!


Check out his website and follow An Adventurous World

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6# Thailand | Coleman Concierge

"The country that taught us the most is Thailand, " say Ed and Jennifer.


"The lesson I learned was to smile as long as possible and whenever possible. Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles for good reason. Everybody we met seemed to be smiling and happy. More than anyplace we have ever visited, Thailand had a joy based culture. People there believed that happiness is a blessing and a goal."

"Smiles are infectious and powerful too. It’s true what they say, when you smile - the whole world smiles back at you. Your voice changes and you just feel better too. A smile can open doors and make friends. Perhaps nothing in Thailand demonstrated the power of positivity more than the long distance charity run of Toon Bodyslam."

"Toon is a Thai rockstar and then a novice runner. He participated in a prior charity event that didn’t do what he expected it to so he took matters into his own hands. He organized a 400 km run down the coast of Thailand that, as luck would have it, corresponded precisely to a multi day bike tour we were on. Every day, we heard stories of his progress and that he was raising million of dollars for children’s hospitals and staying at the hotel down the street from us. Finally, on the fourth and final day, we saw Toon run by. The people in the streets were cheering and it seemed like everybody came out to see him. After he passed, we biked along the spectator filled route soaking in the positive energy."

"We have heard that Toon repeated his run this year too, going twice are far and raising even more money than before. You don’t have to be a rockstar or athlete to make a difference in the world. All you have to do is smile. Even if it’s difficult. Especially when it’s hard, a smile can be all of the difference."

Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Thailand
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Thailand
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Thailand
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Thailand

Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Bloggers from Coleman Concierge
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Bloggers from Coleman Concierge

We are Ed and Jennifer, owners of the Blog called Coleman Concierge! We strive to offer practical tips and advice that will inspire everyone to expand their comfort zone and to explore the world around them.  


Check out their website and Follow Coleman Concierge

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7# Spain | Far and Away Places

"The country that taught me the most is Spain," says Kanicia. 


"I learned to slow down and be more balanced with my time. In Spain the culture is very family oriented and they don't allow many things to take time away from being with the family and just enjoying life. You can see it especially in the South with the siesta. People go home to eat with the family or they spend time eating together. In the US we are so used to always being on the go. I realized that I wanted to make sure to enjoy my time and family more."

Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Spain
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Spain
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Bloggers from Far and Away Places
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Bloggers from Far and Away Places

I am Kanicia, one half of the blog Far and Away Places. We focus on travel mainly in Europe, searching for unique travel experiences and romantic getaways for couples. 


Check out their website and Follow Far and Away

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8# South Africa | MyHammockTime

"The country that taught us the most is South Africa," we say.


"During our time in South Africa, our emotions went up and down like a roller-coaster. One one hand, we never felt more happy and grateful to be able to explore such a gorgeous country with its diverse landscape. We met many locals along our trip and listened attentively to the their interesting stories about their life in South Africa. They seem to carry so much LIFE! Maybe this wording sounds a bit strange, we know, but they love to spend time in the wilderness out there, wandering around, admiring the plants, listening to the sounds, observing the animals, watching the stars.. They seemed to be fully present. And this is what was so refreshing and inspiring.."



"The locals seem to be fully connected with the nature and the animals. In South Africa, we've learned to immerse ourselves into nature and forget about stupid to-do-lists... just wander around, observe and BE."


"This trip was full of thoughtful moments too. It was one of the sunny days in South Africa, when Jerry and I decided to go on a zipline adventure in the Drakensberg mountains. Once there, we seemed to be the only tourists on the tour. While driving to the zipline spot, we started to get into deep talks with the local guides. Some of them started asking about life in Europe, the people, nature, even the animals...and I still remember one of the questions: "How is it to fly? Do you have a photo maybe?" asked one of the guides. Ah....😞 :/ Those questions really made us sad. We felt like those stupid Europeans who only had the luck in life to have been born into a privileged society. There was anger too - "why can't they fly around and discover the world? Why us? That's so unfair!" While we seemed to be a bit down for a while, those guys cheered us up (respect guys!) and started to sing and dance! Happiness prevailed."


"We've also learned that the privilege facts are more than real but people in South Africa have the power to be happy no matter what!"

Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Deep conversations on the Zipline tour in South Africa
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Deep conversations on the Zipline tour in South Africa
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Us :)
Life Lessons Learned from Travel - Us :)

For those, who just found our website😄. We are Sonja and Jerry, a Slovenian-Swiss couple who had been living in Slovenia for 26 years. Now, we found our new home in Zurich, Switzerland. Swiss mountains and the turquoise mountain lakes are stealing our hearts. If we don't hike somewhere in the Swiss Alps, we discover some less-travelled places around the world. Come and join us!


Follow us (MyHammockTime) via FacebookTwitter

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Thanks once again to all travel bloggers who participated in this round! We are inspired by your stories and can't wait to visit the suggested places on our own! 👍😄

If you liked this blog post, please share it with your audience, friends and family! Thanks**  Sonja & Jerry

What lesson did you learn on one of your travels? Let us know in the comments below!

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