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10 Scenic Hikes around the World
Every time we visit a new travel destination, we usually go for a hike or two. After visiting more than 50 countries, we now made a list of 10 scenic hikes around the world, which we think, are worth your time and perhaps your sweat drops. Ready? Let's have a look:

Hiking in Zermatt - 2 Hikes You Should Do
It was one week ago when Jerry and I explored the region of Zermatt and stretched our bodies to see the wonders of this spectacular mountainous area. I tell you, there were so many "wow" moments, that we now feel obliged to present the 2 spectacular hikes we did around Zermatt. We truly think you should do them too. Seriously. You need to be convinced? Continue reading.

Hiking at Oeschinen Lake, Switzerland
Hiking at Oeschinen Lake should be squeezed into your Switzerland trip. This mountain lake in the Swiss Alps is a true eye-catcher and scores with its beautiful colour and its mountaineous surroundings. In this blog post, we will give you the info on the hikes you can do in this area.

Hiking in the Lofoten - From Nusfjord to Nesland
Where else to hike, if not in the Lofoten, right? These scenic islands offer some incredibly beautiful hiking trails. One of those we're going to present in this blog post. Read further to get the details (or not :P).

Switzerland Vacation Spots
Let us tell you where to find Switzerland's vacations spots! No one likes to rush from one place to another, right? Sometimes all you need is a place to settle down while on vacation. If you want a spot in the mountains or close to crystal-clear lakes consider going to one of the following areas in Switzerland! Let's have a look!

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