Hiking at Oeschinen Lake, Switzerland - 3 Hikes You Should Do

Hiking at Oeschinen Lake should be squeezed into your Switzerland trip. This mountain lake in the Swiss Alps is a true eye-catcher and scores with its beautiful colour and its mountaineous surroundings. In this blog post, we will give you the info on the hikes you can do in this area.

Hiking at Oeschinen Lake, Switzerland

Hiking at Oeschinen Lake

Your day-trip should start at this cute resort-village called Kandersteg. From Zurich it is a 2h 10min car drive or if you travel by train it's a 2h 35min long ride. Once there, have a walk around and make your first impression of this beautiful place. 

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Hiking at Oeschinen Lake - Kandersteg
Hiking at Oeschinen Lake - Kandersteg

When you arrive at the train station in Kandersteg, make sure to follow the signs for the Oeschinen lake (German: Oeschinensee) cable car. Once you reach it, you have the choice - taking the cable car one way with a price of 18.00 or both ways for 26.00 Swiss francs. Here is the whole price list. Also check the webcam for the weather conditions and the opening hours. Please note that the cable car ride is only available from mid-May to mid-October. 

Hiking at Oeschinen Lake - Kandersteg
Hiking at Oeschinen Lake - Kandersteg

1# Cable Car & Trail to the Oeschinen Lake & Return by Cable Car

This is the hike the majority of people do when exploring the area. It's the fastest and the easiest. Suitable for all age groups.

Duration: 1 - 1.5 h, from the end station of the cable car to the Oeschinen Lake: 25 min

Difficulty: Easy

Highlight: Being close to the lake. Chilling out at the shore or having a coffee or a traditional Swiss meal in the restaurant nearby. 

Hiking at Oeschinen Lake
Hiking at Oeschinen Lake

A glimpse of the nature when walking the path to the Oeschinen Lake.

Hiking at Oeschinen Lake
Hiking at Oeschinen Lake

...THIS is the scenery you get when arriving at the Oeaschinen lake. Isn't it beautiful?

Hiking at Oeschinen Lake
Hiking at Oeschinen Lake

Do you see this small points on the lake? These are boats. Yes, it is possible to rent a boat and enjoy the beauty right on this turquoise water!

Hiking at Oeschinen Lake
Hiking at Oeschinen Lake

2# The Panorama Trail

Another hike, we trully recommend is the one from the final station of the cable car via Läger to Oberbergli and Unterbergli. More infos here.

Duration: 3 h

Difficulty: Middle

Highlight: Views over the lake from above. Three pics from this hike are shown below. 

Hiking at Oeschinen Lake
Hiking at Oeschinen Lake
Hiking at Oeschinen Lake
Hiking at Oeschinen Lake

Wondering what camera we use to make these photos? Here's the link.

Hiking at Oeschinen Lake
Hiking at Oeschinen Lake

3# Cable car & Walk down

Duration: 2.5 h for the whole route. From the cable car station to the Oeschinen Lake - 25 min. 

Difficulty: Easy

Highlight: Being close to the lake. Beautiful views when walking down to the village of Kandersteg.

Hiking at Oeschinen Lake - Descending to Kandersteg
Hiking at Oeschinen Lake - Descending to Kandersteg

Where to Stay at Oeschinen Lake

The Oeschinen Lake is a perfect day-trip in the Swiss Alps. We guarantee you, you will keep this day in your memory for the rest of your life. Oh, and if you need a place to stay we recommend the Hotel Ermitage or if you're looking for a prestige hotel: Waldhotel Doldenhorn.

What hikes did you do when spending the time at Oeaschinen lake? Please let is know in the comments below.

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Comments: 15
  • #1

    Nigel William (Saturday, 21 October 2017 17:47)

    Hi, Sonja! This is amazing, the photos are beautiful. It really motivates one to go there. also, you shared some very useful tips. I really liked The Panorama Trail. I was wondering, how do you get prepared for trips like this?

  • #2

    Sonja (Thursday, 26 October 2017 10:14)

    Hi Nigel

    Thank you very much for your comment! Yes, go there if you have the chance. It is such a stunning place! Hmm how do I get prepared? In terms of planning the trip or what do I take with me? Well, I do a research first and get inspired. Then I check the weather conditions and based on that I take the stuff I thing I'm gonna need ;)
    Hope, I could give you an answer you expected..


  • #3

    rachel swendiman (Thursday, 07 June 2018 22:47)

    First off, gorgeous photographs! It looks like an incredible hike. Which direction did you take on the panorama loop? Also what month and time of day did you do this hike? Thanks!

  • #4

    Maria (Thursday, 02 August 2018 10:24)


    Can I ask if we can hike to the lake without catching the cable car from the station?

  • #5

    Ahmad (Sunday, 05 August 2018 13:45)

    Good day

    I’m Divonne I would like to go to Oeschinen Lake

    Can you give the right address to park my car , I’m coming by GPS

    Full address !!

    I need the fast way !!

    How many hours to hike ?
    Go and come back !!

    Best regards
    Ahmad Alqattan

  • #6

    Som (Friday, 16 August 2019 13:10)

    Good day!
    It's really nice. Thanks for all the information.
    Would like to know while returning, if I walk from the lake to Kandersteg how long it should take and it is doable with a 6 years old kid?

  • #7

    Discover Albania (Wednesday, 16 October 2019 15:43)

    Beautiful pictures of lakes. In Albania you can have a tour in its fantastic lakes such as Prespa Lake, Komani Lake, Shkodra Lake that are perfect for hiking.

  • #8

    Bharath (Monday, 03 August 2020 09:47)

    Hi Sonja,

    It's really breathtaking, thanks for sharing with us. However, i would like to know a little extra information. Can we hike up to Oeschinensee (I mean without taking a cable car). Please let me know, if it is not possible, then please be kind to suggest some other mountain lakes, where we can just hike up to (without taking cable car).

    Thank you so much,

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