A Perfect Day Hike In The Swiss Alps: Gelmer Lake

Aaaaaaaaaa, we want to give you an idea for your hike in the lovely Swiss mountains! Please guys, don't waste your time in all the cities, drive to THESE PLACES. Turquoise lakes surrounded by impressive mountains. These are the gems of Switzerland.

Day Hike in the Swiss Alps: Gelmer Lake

Gelmer Lake

There are several options to access this turquoise lake. For the laid-back ones, one of the ways would be to take the Gelmer funicular directly to the Gelmer Lake. The ticket costs ca. 28 EUR. Note that the funicular operates only from June to the mid of October.

For passionate hikers, it is possible to start your hike at Handegg, which takes you around 2 hours to reach the lake. If you prefer the lazy way, park your car at Chüenzentennler and walk 50 min, only. The difficulty of the hike is, let's say, medium.

Räterichsboden Lake

Not enough of mountain lakes? Then drive from Handegg or Chüenzentennler to the Räterichsboden Lake (what complicated names, I knooow!) and enjoy the views. If you want to hear our opinion, we preferred the views over the Räterichsboden Lake coming back from the Grimsel Lake (see next section).

Grimsel Lake

Grimsel Lake with its size and the majestic mountains was also a pleasant surprise for us. It is actually a huge dam, one of the most important ones for the Swiss electricity. It is definitely worth to drive the additional km from Handegg to observe this spot.

Seeing all these lakes today, we decided to add the Gelmer Lake to the list of most beautiful lakes in Switzerland. Well, the list is getting long :)

Have you hiked the Swiss Alps? What tours did you do? Let us know in the comments below!

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