Best of Travelling in 2016

Soooo, what happened in 2016? Honestly, I am not sure if you care much about this topic haha... but we like to look back and think about all the adventures and experiences we had on our trips. Compared to 2015, the year 2016 was not a record year of travels but it doesn't mean it was less excited. For example, going off the beaten path twice (Faroe Islands and Georgia) was a rewarding move in terms of self education and widening our horizons. Ok, enough bullshitting, let's go straight to the point - here is the list of our best travels in 2016 and a insight of what's next ;)

These were the best travel destinations in 2016:

Gran Canaria, Spain

HIGHLIGHTS: Savouring this view from Roque Nublo

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Sri Lanka

HIGHLIGHTS: Walking down the streets of Galle, enjoying wonderful beaches

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Madrid, Spain

HIGHLIGHTS: Early morning run through Madrid

Lugano, Switzerland

HIGHLIGHTS: Ascending to the top of Monte Bre to enjoy this view

Blog posts

Zelenci, Slovenia

HIGHLIGHTS: Relaxing at the peaceful springs

Faroe Islands

HIGHLIGHTS: Exploring the remote town of Saksun

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Meersburg, Germany

HIGHLIGHTS: Sipping a coffee in one of the cute cafes

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Kazbegi, Georgia

HIGHLIGHTS: Hiking to the Trinity Church

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Voralrberg, Austria

HIGHLIGHTS: Hiking around the Lüner Lake

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Freiburg, Germany

HIGHLIGHTS: Exploring the old town

Copenhagen, Vilnius

I am not sure if you saw my announcement on Facebook some time ago about my plans of going to Copenhagen and Vilnius to see the Christmas markets! Well, nevermind, the first time in my life, I had to skip those flights as I was simply tired. Tired from very busy months so spending some calm weekend at home seemed to be the best thing to do. I do want to go on that trip though, it is just a matter of time. 

What's Next?

And now, the most exciting section - what's next? Well, after Christmas, we are heading back to our home country - Slovenia - to spend some quality time with our families and friends.

Then, we booked an awesome apartment at the seaside in Zadar, Croatia where we will calmly welcome the new year 2017! As children we both spend quite some time with our families at the Croatian coast during the summer months so we are really looking forward to visit these places again.

In the beginning of February, I am flying to Porto, Portugal to hopefully escape the foggy Zurich and get some vitamin D! I hope to also meet up with my Portuguese cousin.

With a great impatience we are looking forward to our Philippines trip at the end of February! We are heading to Palawan. First week we will be placed around El Nido, the second week we will go to Puerta Princessa in order to spend the days in a detox / yoga retreat. 

Then the travel plans start to get a bit vague. I assume, Slovenia will be on the list for the Easter holidays, followed by a X destination for the national holidays around the May 1st. That can be a city break somewhere in Europe or something off the beaten path. Let's see. The next destination in May will be ta-ta-ta Santorini, Greece. I couldn't make it this year so it better happens next year ;) In the summer months, I guess, we will go somewhere North - no concrete plans yet. 


So stay tuned and let us know if you find yourself in some of these places too - we are always happy to meet up with our readers! :) Now, it is also a great opportunity to say MANY THANKS to all of our dear followers out there! We really appreciate it!

What are your travel plans in 2017? Excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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