Best of Travelling in 2015

It was a CRAZY year full of TRAVELS! I think we've broken the personal record in the number of travel destinations per year! Read below where we have set our feet and what were our travel highlights in 2015! 

+ travel plans for 2016! ;)

These were the travel destinations in 2015:

Lake Bled, Slovenia

HIGHLIGHTS: Meditating at the great spot of Osojnica

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Istanbul, Turkey

HIGHLIGHTS: Drinking Turkish coffee, eating fish in one of the local restaurants and visiting Pierre Loti

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Abu Dhabi, UAE

HIGHLIGHTS: Visiting the Sheikh Zayed Mosque at night

Malolotja and Mlilwane National Park, Swaziland

HIGHLIGHTS: Hiking in the spectacular Malolotja National Park

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Praslin, La Curieuse Island, La Digue, Mahe, Seychelles

HIGHLIGHTS: Drinking and eating fresh Seychelles seasonal fruits, meeting the famous tortoises, swimming in crystal clear water

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Kruger Park, Blyde River Canyon, Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa

HIGHLIGHTS: Observing wildlife in Kruger Park, meditating at the Blyde River Canyon, hiking in the Drakensberg mountains

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Vevey, Switzerland

HIGHLIGHTS: Watching the sunset while having a glass of wine

Montreaux, Switzerland

HIGHLIGHTS: Taking a ship cruise to the Montreaux Castle

Berne, Switzerland

HIGHLIGHTS: Watching people swimming in the Aare river and having fun 

Konstanz, Germany

HIGHLIGHTS: Sunbathing on the coast of Bodensee

Goriska Brda, Slovenia

HIGHLIGHTS: Visiting the observation tower in Gonjace, exploring Smartno

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Arosa, Switzerland

HIGHLIGHTS: Hiking the route Urdensee - Älplisee - Schwellisee, taking photos of the Engstlensee

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Zagreb, Croatia

HIGHLIGHTS: Walking through the beautiful parks of Zagreb

Budapest, Hungary

HIGHLIGHTS: Seeing the city in the sunset hours

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Helsinki, Porvoo, Nuuksio National Park, Finland

HIGHLIGHTS: Kayaking near Helsinki, hiking in the Nuuksio National Park

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Riga & Kemeri National Park, Latvia

HIGHLIGHTS: Visiting the Kemeri National Park, strolling along the coast of Jurmala

Cinque Terre, Italy

HIGHLIGHTS: Seeing my friend again, hiking the Cinque Terre path

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Lake Como, Italy

HIGHLIGHTS: Sipping a delicious Italian cappuccino and enjoying the views over the Lake Como

Serre Chevalier, France

HIGHLIGHTS: Skiing in the wonderful French Alps and seeing our Slovenian friends again

Lugano, Switzerland

HIGHLIGHTS: Sipping a coffee with a beautiful scenery in the back

Travel Blog Activity in 2015

Herewith, we want to THANK all of YOU, who are following us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Pinterest! You are the reason, why we didn't give up writing blog posts and why we are keeping this blog alive! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding travel routes, travel destinations, travel gear, travel blog in general - we will be very pleased to give you an answer!

Then, I'd like to say sorry again for my grammar mistakes - note, I'm not a native speaker. However, I want to encourage all people out there, who are afraid of writing blog posts in a foreign language, to pursue your dreams and do what you like doing. Through this blog, I improved my language and writing skills, online marketing actions and developed a better sense for audience. This year, we managed to get over 2300 followers on Twitter, about 1500 Instagram followers and more than 600 Facebook likes.


The most popular blog post this year was 9 Places to See on Your First Visit to Slovenia.

The most popular tweet was also the blog post about the 9 Places to See on Your First Visit to Slovenia.

The most popular Instagram photo was taken at Älplisee, Switzerland.

The most popular YouTube video: Things to do in Finland on a Weekend


Travel Plans for 2016

And now let's talk about the exciting travel plans for 2016! We're happy to announce, that 2016 will be all about diverse landscapes, starting with a trip to the magnificent Philippines in January (had to change it - we will fly to Gran Canaria, Spain!), followed by Santorini, Greece (hopefully in April). In summer, we are heading to Iceland, the Faroe Islands aaaaaaaaand... maybe and hopefully Greenland! :) We can't really put in words how excited we already are. Apart from these destinations, we will definitely do some weekend trips in Europe too. For all Slovenia and Switzerland fans - don't worry, we will continue exploring these two incredibly beautiful mountainous countries and hopefully provide you with some amazing travel footage!


Apart from travelling, we hope to finally give you a glimpse of our new life in Switzerland! ;)

And don't forget: When in doubt, travel! ;)

What were your travel highlights of 2015? And what about your travel plans for 2016? :) Let us know in the comments below!

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Comments: 4
  • #1

    Nina Travels (Tuesday, 22 December 2015 12:08)

    Oh my, what a wonderful travel year this was for you! Great destinations and lots of days on the road! Seeing the future plans, looks like this adventure will not end in 2016! Fantastic! You will have a blast in the Philippines and we are totally jealous for Iceland and Faroe Islands!! ;)

  • #2

    Sonja (Tuesday, 22 December 2015)

    You say it! It's been an incredible year full of unforgettable travel moments! Even if the year 2016 will bring a half of travels as in year 2015, we will be more than satisfied ;) But don't worry, I'm sure your travel year 2016 will be totally exciting and adventurous too!

  • #3

    Vesna (Wednesday, 23 December 2015 08:57)

    Dear Sonja, I can see that your traveling was quite intensive in 2015. Great experiences. Our travel plans for 2016 are more connected with discovering Slovenia. We will explore more of Soca valley, we want to do some hikes through the vineyards in Vipava valley as well. If you are in Slovenia, let us know. We can go together. On our bucket list are Georgia, Japan or Sri lanka ;) Keep on traveling, Vesna

  • #4

    Sonja (Wednesday, 23 December 2015 20:19)

    Hey Vesna, your travel plans for 2016 sound very exciting! Georgia, Japan, Sri lanka - it's all on our bucket list! To discover more of Slovenia is also a great plan - there are so many hidden gems in our small country! I'm actually interested to see more of Vipava valley too! Wish you a great travel year 2016! ;)