Best of Travelling in 2017

Ta-ta, here it is! An overview of our adventure trips in 2017! This year, we explored the underwater world in Asia, cruised around Europe and enjoyed the sun in Central America. Let's see a break-down of all our trips. 

Best of Travelling in 2017

Best of Travelling in 2017

Zadar, Croatia

It was the end of the year 2016 and the first days of 2017 when Jerry and I walked around the Zadar town and enjoyed some warm sun rays in the middle of the winter in Europe!

Porto, Portugal

In February, I went on a solo trip to Porto in Portugal. After arrival my "solo" trip ended soon, as I joined a friend's family dinner. The next day, I met my cousin and her boyfriend in the historical town nearby, known as Coimbra. A long weekend well spent!

Palawan, The Philippines

The Philippines were an unforgettable stop in 2017! Snorkelling, sunbathing, kayaking, exploring the surroundings and doing yoga! Amazing.

Lake Kreda, Slovenia

A real eye-catcher in 2017 was the beautiful lake Kreda in Slovenia! Another proof of Slovenia's breathtaking nature! It was a wonderful day, well-spent with my mum!

Barcelona, Spain

It was great to be back in Barcelona. The city is so big that it's fun to explore different corners every time we return to this awesome city!

Castelldefels, Spain

We had so much fun in Castelldefels in Spain! Running, gym, skateboarding, eating out and enjoying our cool Airbnb place which was full of funny stuff such as ukulele :)

Sitges, Spain

Sitges was one of the cool day trips from Castelldefels. I visited this place a year ago while on a business trip, now I finally managed to soak up its beauty with Jerry. A great place to be outside of the peak season which is btw. from June to August!

Melchsee-Frutt, Switzerland

This hike in Switzerland was something special! The snowy mountains, partly frozen mountain lakes, a beautiful hiking trail...  Can't believe we haven't wrote about it yet! Soon, we promise! :)

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Vogar, Slovenia

When in Slovenia, my brother and I walked all the way up to the scenic Vogar viewpoint and admired the panoramic view over the Bohinj lake. Lovely memories!

The Lauvaux Vineyards, Switzerland

The Lauvaux Vineyards represented another great trip this year. Walking between the vineyards along the Lake Geneva with the views on the Alps was a true blast!

Annecy, France

Annecy with its beautiful lake was one of the stops on our way to a birthday party in the French Alps. It's a pretty city which we enjoyed very much!

The Azores, Portugal

One of the highlights this year was definitely visiting one of the Azores islands - Sao Miguel. The hike to the Lagoa Canario was spectacular, as seen below.

El Yunque National Park, Puerto Rico

This year, one of the long-haul flights brought me to Puerto Rico! Once there, my friends and I enjoyed some sunny and relaxing days at the beach and one day at the El Yunque National Park. 

Saalbach, Austria

Jerry and his friends increased their adrenaline by mountain biking in Saalbach, Austria. What a great adventure!

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The Lofoten Islands, Norway

The trip from Tromso to the Lofoten islands was a true adventure. We knew nature in Norway will impress us, but at the end it even exceeded our expectations. 

Mulhouse, France

All of these years we were driving to Basel to visit my grandparents but we never really had the chance to cross the border and visit Mulhouse! This time we did it. We were surprised what a wonderful city Mulhouse is!

Verzasca, Switzerland

Every year we try to squeeze in the trip to the Ticino region in Switzerland. Luckily, we managed to do it this year too! It was our second time at the beautiful Verzasca river. 

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Zermatt, Switzerland

In Zermatt we did two very scenic hikes, and both of them offered magnificent views of the Matterhorn mountain. It was a weekend well-spent. 

Rakov Skocjan, Slovenia

In November we explored some less-touristy places in Slovenia - one of them was the stunning nature reserve known as Rakov Skocjan. We still need to write about it. Soon :)

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Strasbourg, France

Seeing the Christmas market in Strasbourg in December was a great experience! Although there were a lot of people, we still enjoyed the Christmas decoration, mulled wine and the city's impressive architecture! 

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Finally, I got the chance to catch a Ski world cup race in St. Moritz in Switzerland. Not only the super-g was exciting, also the walk along the St. Moritz lake was impressive!

Tallin, Estonia

To stay in the Christmas modus, we flew via North to visit the Christmas market in Tallinn, Estonia. The city was very impressive and made it on our list of the best European cities out there! 

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Pokljuka, Slovenia

These are the last days in 2017 and we're spending them in Slovenia! Until now, the weather was not the best one out there, but on one sunny day we're able to do some cross-country skiing in Pokljuka. 

Best 9 Photos on Instagram in 2017

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What's Next?

Jerry is going to Nepal in January. That's all? Nope... :) Read about our travel plans for 2018 in this blog post. 

Have you been to any of these places above? How was your travel year 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

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